The Constance

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  1. I've always loved this bag. I wish I'd bought it when I was just out of college - it was so affordable then. It'll still probably be the first one I buy, a refurbished one probably later this year.

    Apparently Jackie Onassis had quite a few and was often photographed with one.

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  2. There's one on ebay right now by one of my favorite sellers, lucyndskywdmnds. So beautiful...
  3. It's beautiful. The silver palladium hardware against the black leather makes it look so modern and now.
  4. [​IMG]




    such fabulous constance bags

    (all photos:
  5. Cute, but a bit small.
  6. That last orange one is to die for, I love Hermes's orange.
  7. Orange would be great, for this bag. Anyone have price points for this one?
  8. Love the orange! :love:
  9. Me!
  10. This is a great evening/party bag!
  11. comes in 3 sizes.
    love, love the mini-constance (smallest).
  12. I love the orange one! Anyone know the price of these bags?
  13. Wow, I cannot get this bag out of my head!
  14. The orange color is really gorgeous!
  15. i believe the waitlist for this bag is very much open:biggrin: