The Constance and Roulis, Kelly Elan, Jige and other clutches... PICS ONLY!!!

  1. Please post photos of your Constance, Kelly Elan, Jige, and other clutches here, and include the size, color, leather, and hardware for us to reference!

    This is a picture only thread.... NO CHATTER! Thank you!
  2. Toile and Brown Box calf Jige
  3. Name unknown Vache Natural PH ( actually can be used as waist belt bag)
    hermes clutch.jpg
  4. Rouge H Box Maharani Clutchbag

  5. Black Chamonix Kelly Elan with Gold Hardware

    11 x 7 x 3"
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  6. jige, barenia and crinoline (horsehair) :

  7. constance in black croc :

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  8. kelly longue in orange swift :

  9. Jige PM in Blue Jean Epsom

  10. Black Box Medor Clutch
    Clutch Watermarked.jpg
  11. Mini Kelly Clutch, Blue Jean Swift with Pal. HW
  12. Havanne Evergraine Jige PM

  13. Black Lizard Constance
  14. Havane croc constance gold hardware 23cm
    constance croc brwn.JPG
  15. Mini jige in matte croc barenia
    jige matte barenia.JPG
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