the consequence of TPF member selling fake in ebay or other site

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  1. Not sure where I suppose to post this thread, just want to know if people use TPF and claim they never sell fake in the listing but turn out the item is fake, do we have any consequence to the member selling fake on ebay??
    I love to see TPF member name on the listing becaus I feel more comfortable to buy their items but not sure if some members will take advantage of using their status as members to sell fakes on ebay, anyone knows if pursforum has policy to the member selling fake?
  2. Anyone can join this forum and it is likely that a few frauds take advantage of that. There is a "report this fake" thread. It's best to search the forum for feedback on a member and ALWAYS get a pre- loved bag authenticated.
    I think members caught selling fakes are banned. At least I hope they are.
  3. There are going to members on TPF that will sell fakes. I've seen a few threads, I think it gives buyers false security. All bags should be authenticated no matter what. My LV bags get authenticated through Carol Ives prior to listing. I do reference TPF if someone wants to get a second opinion. I do not put TPF all over my listing but my seller id is the same. If someone asked me or looked it up on the forum they can find me.

    I have seen forum members with threads full of drama against each other. I think some things can be worked out in private.

    I fully understand why TPF does not allow selling on their site. It would be a huge responsibility to keep up in regards to authenticity.
  4. I love to see the "TPF" on the listing, it just makes me feel more comfortable to check out their items but don't really appreciate people just use TPF as a tool to sell fakes on ebay, just think maybe the forum has policy to ban the members and cancel their accounts.
  5. Hi Sleeping,

    as comforting as it would be to think that TPF-Members automatically mean safe, it just isn't realisitc. Anyone can join this forum and there is no "check" to see who can be a member and who can't.

  6. You're going on a false assumption. Aside from what the others have said, there is no cross-verification that someone who has tPF in their listings is a member here at all. Anyone can put those three letters in their listing without consequence as long as their don't use a PF logo or graphics.

    Unless the selling site ID matches the ID here and the member is known in good standing, seeing 'tPF' in a sales listing really doesn't mean anything at all.
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    ^^ in some cases.

    As buyers, you just have to assume nothing and really do your due diligence.
  8. Historically, we have no consequences for what members do off tPF UNLESS it causes trouble HERE.
    That said, it would be very difficult for us to police this. Impossible actually.

    IMO, whether a person is a member here or not would not be relevant for me buying on eBay. People can tell you anything. . . . Caveat emptor.
  9. Thanks for all the sharing, I really appreciate all of your thoughts,so far I am very lucky, I have been purchased few bags from TPF members, they are all authentic, there are some listing quote themselve as active TPF members and never buying fakes but when you asked them for pictures, they didn't even send them to you. I think if there are good members and only sell authentic bags, they will try very best to send all the pictures that this forum required to help their sellers authenticate the bags. I still hope this webiste can have policy to ban those members who use the purseforum to claim they are real but actually are fakes.
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