The confusion between Cognac and Chocolate Spy Bags

  1. Since I got my Cognac Spy bag, I've noticed a few things. When I'm indoors, the bag looks much darker. Once I'm outside in the sun, the bag looks exactly like I pictured Cognac would look like. In the shade it's darker again, bit I mean darker different (not like dark chocolate, but like milk chocolate). I know this happens with many bags when placed under different lighting conditions, but due to the discussions in this sub-forum regarding the confusion between Cognac and Chocolate (dark drown), I thought I'd post my pics of the bag under various lighting conditions to illustrate my point. For those trying to decide which brown they'd prefer, I think Cognac can offer a bit of both worlds (light and dark) for brown bag lovers. Don't fret too much if you find it difficult to locate a Chocolate Spy. The Cognac is just as good.

    Inside without flash (chocolate/zucca baby spy for comparison):

    Inside with flash:

    Outside in the sun:

    Outside in the shade:
  2. Well, it's gorgeous no matter what light it's in.
    Thanks for showing the difference.
  3. And the baby spy is in chocolate right?
  4. :yes:
  5. Wow! What a gorgeous bag. Thanks so much for sharing those pics-- I was actually thinking about how Cognac might show up in different lighting... You read my mind! :p
  6. I can never decide....:crybaby:


    But I think Kitty likes the Chocolate.....:rolleyes:

    :rochard:I'm not REDUNDANT! Just CONSISTENT! :wlae:
  7. wow i never realize how much darker the chocolate is i love it!
  8. R - that chocolate spy is 2007, so shiny & really dark (the finish has changed this year). I like it...sort of like a black purse with a bit of different color....very neutral with a splash :nuts:
  9. uhhhhhhhhhh so not that I mean to be annoying, but just to clarify, is the brown on the zucca/nappa spys chocolate or some other color? I had wondered that but it doesn't look like from the pictures I've seen of chocolate and my zucca in real life. lol sorry..:shame:
  10. PS- I never liked the cognac before but recently started to, this isn't helping.
  11. Hey Baglady have you managed to sold your Fendi spy bag Black?:smile: I been wanting one for ages,right now have to save to get one,but i really fell in love with your black spy and wished i could afford it any colour,choclate looks yummy too.
  12. It's dark brown (chocolate). The colors are stated on the authenticity cards and my two spys have different names- cognac for the cognac spy (duh) and moro for the leather on the zucca/leather baby spy.

    I have to say I like cognac much better than dark brown. Good luck on your choice. You really can't go wrong since the spy is a great design.
  13. ^^ Oh I know that chocolate is the darker one, I was just wondering if the brown on the zucca/nappa was chocolate or some other shade that doesn't exist in regular spys. I had been wondering that but then I read Lo14's post: And the baby spy is in chocolate right? and you nodded I'm assuming it is?:confused1:
  14. Knee hi -- yes it is...on auth cards its called "moro". On the 2006 & 2005 bags, the brown (chocolate) does not look as dark as my 2007 choco in the photo, I think the new finish coat Fendi is using now darkens it a bit...very pretty! :graucho:
  15. Your bags are delish ladies! :nuts:

    Me gonna join you Cognac lovers soon :graucho: shhhhhhh...