The Compliment Thread!!!

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  1. Not necessarily a game, but I figured it belonged here. I'm in a good mood, and I truly believe the littlest things can brighten a person's day, so I think we should all post a compliment or shout out to a fellow tPF'er! I'll start:

    I want to let all the Hermes forum girls know that I love them (I lurk, I admit it!) because whenever they reveal a bag, they do a striptease for it!

    And, not that I haven't thanked her already, but thanks to VooDoo for organizing the Animalicious RAOK!

    Join in!
  2. :tumbleweed:
  3. ok. I would like to give a compliment to the mods to help out the pf and do a great job , and all the Chanel and Lv peeps!
  4. I would like to give a compliment to the Chloe and Balenciaga girls that help authenticate bags and prevent us from buying fakes. Lescoy, you rock!!!
  5. I love the Coach sub-forum girls. They are the sweetest girls.
  6. I'd like to thank all the ladies who made sure my bag purchases were real.;)
    Whether it was a Coach,Kooba,LV,MJ or Chanel,you gals had my back.:tup:
    Thanks so much.:flowers:
  7. I'd like to thank Docride for listening and understanding my pain re the loss of my pony (he was retired)
  8. id like to thank all the tPFers who have kept me sane and listened to my bicker. u ladies are the very best!
  9. Compliments to the person who started this AMAZING website!!