The Complete Fall 2007 Color and Style Reference

  1. Okay, to the best of my ability, here is a color chart that compiles the few pics we have of coming bags/colors. I'd like to keep this thread as a master list where we can post any new information/pics as they come. In the spirit of keeping this thread as a reference, it would be helpful to keep comments limited to additional information regarding colors, styles, sizing of styles, prices, etc. I hope you guys find it helpful![​IMG]
  2. I'm in love with the Marigold and Creme, I can't wait to see it on actual bags.
  3. Information about new styles. Some pics already featured above. P.S. I forgot to thank incoralblue, spiralsnowman and hgbags since this is all information they have compiled.

    THE STEPPING OUT (aka The Step, The Escapade)

    This bag is very similar to the Brief (style wise). However, this is not a cross between the City and the Brief size wise…this bag is HUGE!!! Daphne described it to me as being 2-3 times wider than the brief…and even bigger than the Weekender. Plus it has that middle panel (see pic below) to give it depth...I'm using the Make Up Clutch as an example...but look at the panel on the side w/c gives the clutch depth..



    This bag is circular in shape (very MOD). It has two handles that you can wear over your shoulder. From what she described the Sphere will be very similar in size to the Mid-Afternoon. So all you ladies searching for the OVAL clutch, now you can get one with handles!

    THE BERSACE (not official name/spelling)

    This style is very similar to the GIANT HOBO. Sideways, the Giant Hobo looks very similar to the Oval Clutch however, the Bersace will have that leather paneling to give the bag depth (see photos below). The strap will have an extra grip in the middle of the your typical luggage handles.

    The SS 07 Giant Hobo is basically two pieces of leather stitched together (with piping)...<p>

    And here's pics of the new matelasse colors:
  4. cool thread!
  5. Circoit -- you and Incoralblue will have to share the Balenciaga Geek title!!! This is awesome!!!!! Thanks SO much!!! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  6. This is wonderful...but I can't seem to see the "Grape" description above, it's 1/2 cut off...Is it possible to re-paste in a new post???
  7. The Tabac (Siena) photo swatch is not accurate. Its much lighter than the swatch.

    Also, the's more amazing in person, the photo swatch (due to the flash) alters the actual color.

    Great job compiling these.
  8. Thanks incoralblue! Any input you can offer is much appreciated.
  9. same, it's 1/2 cut off for me too and i can't make it work for 100%. I need to see the whole pic please!! :smile:
  10. My pleasure!

    More info:

    DARK OLIVE: this one is really dark with green undertones...much like sapin but much darker (at first I thought it was another black swatch until i moved the swatch board around and saw the green shine through)

    CINNAMON/Mahogany: Same thing. Very very very dark but once you play around with the swatch you start to see the red undertone shine through. Really difficult to capture the true color in my opinion.

    the photo of the Matelasse Clutch is quite accurate. I would describe Grass Green as the amazing green of Spring and PINE as Fall's answer to Spring's Grass.

    MARIGOLD: That tiny swatch is pretty accurate (not the bigger photo of the bag). The swatch I saw is nowhere near being that bright yellow.

    MASTIC: Again, the tiny swatch is somewhat accurate...however not the enlarged ones...since they almost look muddy. Mastic was more golden.

    OCEAN: Bluer than the photo of the color swatch. One of the most fantastic Blues I've ever seen (have to have one).
  11. Thanks incoralblue with the details on the new's really informative.......:smile:
  12. Oops. Not sure why its not showing up for you guys. It looks fine to me. Anyway, here it is again!
  13. When do bags in these new colors arrive in stores?
  14. thanks for the report! you did a great job on it.
  15. Yes, that would be helpful to know...I showed my hubby the Grape and he loves it! He said I can get it in the CITY (rather than the First) :yahoo: I can't believe it!