The colour Dilemat

Feb 10, 2008
Tokyo, Japan
Hi all :smile:

It's my first post to Chanel subforum, so first of all nice to meet you!

I'm about to buy my first Chanel. I'm thinking about it for almost 5 months now and can't decide anything. I'm looking for a clasic flap with a silver hardware, but can't decide the colour. I was thinking of pink (rather pale), black and nude.

I think, that black chanel is one of the most classic bags, and I would love to own it, but it doesen't go too well with my outfits. I don't wear strong colours, so i was thinking of a pale pink, BUT I'm about to buy a pink Miu Miu, and I don't like to have two bags in one colour. Thene it's a nude/pale brown bag, that would look lovely, but I have already 2 nude/brown bags, so again it's not a perfect resolution.

To be honest this whole making decision process is killing me. I don't have Chanel store in my country, so I'll be ordering online so I can't go to butike and try different bags on. I also can't decide if I want a new or vintage one. I heard oppinions, that vintage chanel are made batter.

I do know, that the best would be buying all 3 colours, but I'm not sure if I'll like this bag as much. i'm stil a little bit worried about the weight, so as for now there is no option in buying more than one. I'm stil thinking of the black, as it looks amazing with everythink, and as I'm wearing mostly pale pink/gray and nude it may pop the outfit....

I'll appriciate all your oppinions :smile:


Jan 16, 2008
With pinks, grays, and nudes... how about the white? light gold?
I think black would look good with any outfit... since you wear light colors, then maybe a dark-colored bag would be perfect. Good luck!


Jan 15, 2006
I say the new beige! It will go with every colour outfit. Or what about navy? It's a basic staple like black yet not as harsh. :smile: I love my navy lambskin jumbo.


May 18, 2007
If you have a lot of lighter colors in your wardrobe, I'd say go with a beige or white bag. Also, you are going to have a hard time finding vintage bags with silver hardware because most vintage bags have gold hardware. Good luck with your choice.