The colors of Bruna

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  1. Ok - I'm on a serious mission to own a Bruna within a 2-3 week time period. This is serious people! :woohoo:
    I live in NYC so you think I have my pick of the litter - but the truth is - I'm too busy to call and look around - so I'm waiting for my vacay in MI next week where I will have nothing but time to browse dept stores that carry MJ. I hope I can find a teal bruna as that's the color I think I will really like. Have many of you ran into a Teal Bruna before? is it a rare color to find in this style bag? I hope not!
    I know the ivory/nude color is out of the question for me - I want a eye popping bruna.
    Thanks ladies n gents.
  2. I LOVE the Bruna in Teal! I've seen it at either Bloomie's or Saks. Can't remember which one.
  3. So you are going for the Bruna in teal? I haven't seen it IRL, all I have here is Nordies & the selection of MJ is so-so at best. If you can't find it on your vacay, I'm sure you could find it when you get back to NYC, right? Or if you can't find it in MI, then you could use the time to call around NYC for it!!!! Good luck, enjoy your break.
  4. The MJ at the infamous Bloomies here in NYC is dismal :sad:
  5. NYC Sak's does NOT have it in teal, if that helps.
  6. why do you say that? i don't think the bloomingdale's on 59th is that bad. i prefer it to saks.
  7. It's a beautiful bag! GL!!!!
  8. i need a piccy ... anyone got a pic of teal bruna??
  9. Here's Southern-Belle's new Teal Bruna:girlsigh:

  10. you might wanna try roosevelt field mall in garden city, long island @ nordstrom's & SAKS @walt whitman mall in huntington, long island. =) if i see any before you might get one, i'll let you know and get the SA's name and # for you to call and get it :heart:

  11. I actually went again today - It's been a week - they have got so much more stuff in. The shelves actually have somethings on them other than those purple/grey MP bags. They had a lot today - and the teal bruna and raspberry bruna.
    So I got to shop a bit and try to come closer to my decision
  12. So far I've seen the following colors in person...

    Teal (which I have)
    Lavender (not sure if he's calling it that, but that's what it looked like to me)
    Charcoal Grey (I'm getting this one it was TDF)

    I must say they were all gorgeous. No complaints Marc has some amazing bags for Spring.