the Color Thread: which colors do you buy most?

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  1. Black and nude.
  2. BLACK...I am trying to branch out.
  3. More than any color... Nude.
  4. I have 3 black, 2 nude, 1 eb, 1 blue python, 1 rouge, 1 maggie, 1 multi glitter, 1 silver gliter, and hopefully a red to come:smile:
  5. I am definitely a black lover. black, nude, red are pretty much my go to staples.
  6. I think, that I never will get more than two pairs in the same colour.

    I love the diversity.

    I've got: black, pink, green, peach, snake, glitter, mix, leather brown
  7. I love leopard. i have nude, red, python, leopard pony, leopard patent

    wish list:
    Clichy 100 in Nude Patent :yahoo:
    Black Patent Iowa Zeppa
    LANVIN Linen contrast-heel sandals on
  8. Black. I need more colors!
  9. I think I buy glitter the most haha (oh wait, that isn't a color)! :P Hmm, I guess black, but I do have a pretty colorful lil collection. :smile:
  10. i have a lot of variety in my collection, and even those with the same colors are generally not the same shade or material!
  11. Now it seems to be black and leopard pony hair (if you can call that a color)!
  12. mine would be black.
  13. Mostly I buy black colored shoes b/c they are so classy and elegant. you can wear them to everything! I also like white patent shoes but I am always afraid that they get any kind of marks too fast...
  14. I think I have a variety of colors in my collection...I'm now trying to get more nudes and blacks now.
  15. Black, Navy and Gray. I guess I need to add some color to my collection.:blush: