the Color Thread: which colors do you buy most?

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  1. Black, then red...
  2. :blush: black
  3. Green! As I only have one pair. Black is going to be my next pair.
  4. Black is by far my most bought color- I think I have 25-30 pairs of black. :shame: I swear, they're all very different though! :whistle:

    I think grays/silvers are a far away second.
  5. ^^LOL abt them all being different....
  6. ^^ Shameless enabler, even on myself. :P
  7. That is hilarious. My close second is pink and even my EXTREMELY SUPPORTIVE DH asked me..."Now explain to me again why do you need another pair of pink pumps??" How does one explain these things?????
  8. Ooohh, I do need some glitter in my collection as well..
  9. Is it weird that the majority of my CLs are leopard print....? :P Guess I need to invest in more basics!
  10. I have only 16% (3 pairs) being pure black (i have a black with red embroidery which I'm not counting, lol) - otherwise, I have a pretty good mix:

    1 brown
    1 EB satin
    1 dark blue pony hair
    1 silver grease
    1 purple suede
    3 python
    1 blue glitter
    2 lace
    1 silver (VG)
    1 white
    Hopefully 1 red (action ends very soon!)

    Nico - I love leopard! You can never have too much!
  11. none of my shoes are the same color, O_O. Perhaps the color I have bought most is purple! My lilac maggies and my purple lizard vps, ^_^.
  12. Gotta think:
    1 Nude: Bianca
    1 Rouge: Bianca
    4 Black: Declic 120, Rolando, patent and kid VP
    2 Blue: Simple in navy, Peacock Declic
    2 pink: Barbie Ron Ron, Cramberry Feticha
    2 taupe: Minibout, and marron glace Rolando
    1 leopard: Sabotage

    And I know I'm missing one, but can't remember which. I need some purple I'm thinkin!
  13. i have more grey tones than i know what to do with and i love it!
  14. Black & Red.
  15. Hm, I have 3 pairs of blue, 3 pairs of gray, 2.5 pairs of pink (the .5 being my striped Simples), 2 pairs of black, 1.5 pairs of red, one each of leopard, silver, green, yellow, purple (lavender), and b/w striped. My collection is pretty colorful.

    I'd like a pair of cream or white shoes, and maybe nude. I'm not a big fan of nude.