the Color Thread: which colors do you buy most?

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  1. Black comes in first for me following with a browns coming in second.
  2. Black, nude -- and pink, which is weird because I'm not really all that much of a pink person generally, but pink shoes? Yes please!
  3. My collection of 14 is pretty mixed...

    1 yellow satin (vn)
    2 leopards (numero prives)
    2 blacks (numero prive patent, so private gold heel)
    2 silver (differa n greasepaint)
    2 pinks (horatio patent and Very Galaxy)
    1 burgundy (burgundy numero prive)
    2 nude/gold (staratata + patent alta iowa)
    1 bronze (hyper prive glitter)
    1 red/yellow combi (batik numero prive)

    I need to add the following:

    Black pump (bianca?)
    Gold (Poseidon hyper prive)
    Red (something is red patent)
    Blue (a nice Bleu Roi blue)
    Purple (something deeper and richer purple not lavender)
  4. It's funny, I was just noticing how many pairs I have in the red/pink/purple family! I need more blues I think.
  5. You can never have too much pink and purple :P
  6. i just did a once over and i have the most black....nude is second, which i find weird because id definatly choose a nude over black in the store....i think its because almost allll the styles come in black so it always an option....
  7. i actually have very little black CLs. surprising! i have a lot of blues/purples.
  8. 2 leopard prints
    2 black
    1 camel
    1 red
    1 cranberry (magenta)
    1 brown
    1 grey
    1 navy
    1 bone
    1 bronze-ish
    1 oxblood (sometime red and purple)
  9. I'm inspired to get some nudes! and more "different" colors - like blue, green, purple, and oxblood...
  10. i need something red and something nude :thinking:
  11. Nudes by far! I am always wanting creams, camels, and nudes even if the shoe comes in colors I really need..hehe
  12. Approx 1/3 of my collection is comes a close second :biggrin:
  13. #43 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    Neutrals/naturals: beige, bone, tobacco, sable, gold. This is a consistent trend in all my shoes, not just CLs, and I have never noticed it until I thought about this thread! Hmmmmmmm.....
  14. I'm really attracted to the bright colours, reds and pinks seem to be my favourites :biggrin: Anything glittery as well lol.
  15. LOL Lorna, me too! Sparkly and pink makes me weak in the knees! :biggrin: