the Color Thread: which colors do you buy most?

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  1. I really want try to get a lot of variety in my collection so I have something to wear with everything.

    For CLs I have: gold/ivory, black, zebra, rose gold, red, blue, pink/black, paisley, champagne, black/silver...

    I guess my most frequent color would be gold (4 pairs that could be considered gold)! I have 3 black pairs.

    I really need purple or green. I have green Gucci Corsets but no green CLs. I don't have any purple shoes!!
  2. I dont own any of the same colour or print. All different :smile:

    If i wore my Loubies (cough) i would probably have lots of black styles!
  3. Black for me...can't help it.
  4. Out of my 8 pairs, 2 are black, but they are pretty different (kid leather boots versus patent leather pumps). No other repeats in color... I really try to make each pair in my collection different from the others.
  5. black!! I realised this about a week ago ! now planning on correcting/altering it!
  6. 29% of my collection is black
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    I think black, followed closely by nude. I went into a nude buying frenzy (4 pairs) and had to stop myself.
  8. i have three pair of black and three pair of blue. but i think mostly blue, which is so strange considering i rarely wear it in my clothing. otherwise my shoe colors vary.
  9. Mostly black, and dark neutral colors (gray, brown, etc) in general. I have one nude pair but that's still neutral. I love everyone else's colorful shoes, but for some reason I shy away from them.

  10. I have lots of black and don't wear them either (cough).......
  11. Hmm, I don't have any exact duplicates (just my green Declics and olive/khaki flats) now that I think about it. I'm almost always drawn to pink shoes and will probably end up having more than one pink shoe.

    I'd like to add more black to my collection, as well as animal prints, blue, red, and purple.
  12. my louboutin collection is mostly black, but i also love nude and shades of pink (coral, barbie etc.)
  13. i'm with you, black!
  14. I don't own any black CLs ... bright colors are my fav :love:
  15. that's awesome....i didn't want any black ones for the longest time :biggrin: