the Color Thread: which colors do you buy most?

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  1. Which colors do you tend to buy most? I noticed in many collection threads that some colors appear more often per collection.

    Here's mine below - mostly black. I just gravitate more to black shoes. :smile:


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  2. Black for me
  3. Black for me too, so much so that I've banned myself from getting any more black shoes. :P Reds/Browns are a close second though.
  4. hehe, me too! I'm trying to stay away from black from now on...
  5. Black, black, black. Red comes in second.
  6. I only own 2 black CL's, 3 if you count espadrilles. I own 3 red, 2 pink, 2 grey/silver.

    That's it for color doubles. My collection is pretty even.
  7. blacks and Nudes....I think I have like 8 or nine pairs of nude CL's
  8. probably black, with nude coming in second.
  9. Ditto
  10. so far, black. 80% of my collection is black. lol. trying to change that!
  11. for the ladies who have a lot of nudes: which styles are your faves? just wondering - looking to buy a few in the future
  12. Are we just talking about CL shoes or our entire shoe collection?

    If so...definitely black bc it's a staple. Otherwise, pink! :biggrin:
  13. I hardly ever buy black shoes. I am trying to change that!! since black goes with everything.
  14. I have nude patent VPs, nude patent new decoltissimos, and nude kid decoltissimo slingbacks. I loved the nude jolie noeud dorcets, bloody marys!
    I love nude biancas!!!!
  15. And there you have it =)

    I'm with sobe and all the black-lovers =)