The Color Seigle: Not brown but taupe?!

  1. Disclaimer, I could be posting this in the wrong spot. WHOOPS!

    Ok so anyone that reads PurseBlog knows that I have been hunting for the perfect Balenciaga Giant City for myself. I have been looking at colors season after season and never quite found one that spoke to me.

    The other day I saw Seigle online and fell in love. I ordered the bag and got overnight shipping. It arrived today.

    But I am totally disappointed. On the website the color looks very tan/brown/beige (and that is the color I was hoping for). In person, my bag is TOTAL taupe. It has grey undertones with touches of rose - no brown at all with it.

    I totally should have looked into it more - but I got so excited when I saw the pic and just ordered it!

    Can those of you who know about the color tell me if you have this variation as well? Or do you have more of a brown?

    I am not going to post a picture until Vlad takes one and he will make sure it shows very true to color. Seigle is a very pretty color, but not the color I was looking for or saw on the website.
  2. Megs, it is Taupy-beige, I have it and I had decribed as such, why dont you love it?, I have the City in rose gold h. and both the hardware color and Seigle match so perfectly.
  3. I have a taupe bag. I really wanted a "tan" bag. Like in this pic on their website:


    Does your look like that at all? Mine looks nothing like that!
  4. I had one and it had pinkish undertones. Not as brown/tan as I had wanted either.
  5. Bals tend to be color chameleons. They look one way in bright light and a different way in a darker light. I had a similar experience I bought a s/s Castagna City it looked like a fabulous rich reddish brown in the picture and when I got it I was completely disapointed by it. It looked like a boring blah brown IRL I ended up returning it. I even took a pic of it to send too my SIL after telling her how disapointed by the color and when I took the pic it looked just like the color I saw online(with flash). If you want some other peoples pics of Seigle to compare yours to color wise here are a few links. post #1427 posts 1382 &1383
  6. Mine is pinkish and grey... there doesn't even seem to be much brown in it.
  7. I looked at those threads - but mine is still very taupe. I had Vlad show it in different light (since he is photographing bags all the time), and we couldn't get it to look brown.

    I wonder if the bag I got is really more of a taupe batch and they might have one more brown?! I really just want more brown than grey!
  8. ^^Megs here is mine and there is no pink or grey.
    IMG_8072 (2).JPG IMG_8039 (2).JPG
  9. Are you sure you did not get bois de rose or last years sahara by mistake?
  10. I wouldn't call mine taupe at all. I think it is a creamy light brown. It has been described as coffee with cream, and I agree. I do see a bit of rose/pink undertones, but no gray at all, which is what I would think of as taupe. Here is my Seigle Velo. I think this photo is pretty accurate. If anything, the bag is less pink.
    Maybe it is a monitor issue? Or just a color definition issue. I think we all see and describe colors a bit differently.

  11. Very interesting, I was at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables the other day and noticed a difference in color on the seigle bags. There was a Work that had yellow undertones and a city that had more pink undertones. I personally preferred the yellow undertones!!! There seems to be a big discrepancy in the color seigle!!!
  12. Could it be Galet? That is really a taupe/gray with some brown/beige undertones. Or Noix? took some comparison photos of Noix with Seigle.

    P6010029.JPG P6010022.JPG P6010013.JPG
  13. I agree with Tmich! A creamy beige with brown. Yours does sound like Galet.

    Here is mine.
    S2.jpg S3.jpg S4.jpg
  14. Mine doesn't look like this! I can see brown hues in yours!