the color of things to come

  1. question about the wear on different colors.

    i have a rouge h togo, and the corners show minute (like, eye right up to the leather to see it) wear - naturally, because i use it constantly and am in love:heart::idea::idea:... what what i talking about? oh, right, so the corners on togo rouge h seem (so far) to darken - again, just a teeny, tiny no-complaints-here bit. now a friend has a beautiful bag in etoupe, and her corners do the oppposite, they seem to lighten. is it that she's rubbing against sandpaper and i'm setting mine in mud, or do darker leathers darken and lighter leathers lighten???
  2. HiHeels - My gold togo corners darken also...
  3. Well, I've noticed my lighter bags darken a little with some greying at the edges with the softer leathers.
  4. hmmm... my raisin togo corners lightened...
  5. My Gold Togo and Rouge H Clemence corners lightened a tiny bit.
  6. Fantastic thread!! Love how your mind works HiHeels!

    I've only got black bags, and see no color difference in Togo but the Box lightens where rubbed.
  7. Mine all lighten, except for the barenia. The chamonix was white underneath, until I touched it with my finger - then it darkened. My SA told me off.
  8. ^^^Well, I tell you off all the time. You should be used to it by now.
  9. so i guess i should keep an eye on mine and see if any lightening occurs. i once saw a pretty old ostrich bolide on a pretty old woman, can't swear on the color but it was in the brown family - anyway, decidedly darkened in all the typical wear spots.
    well, maybe mine is magic togo (or just dirty...:o), either way, i'm happy with how it looks after a lot of wear (in a relatively short time). stay tuned.

    oh, ooops, shouldn't forget the raisin - the raisin clemence only has some signs of wear along the piping at the bottom (4yo bag), and yup, the faintest lightening.
  10. Black box lightens: the corners of my Kelly had turned light grey, I sent her to the spa, and now she's as good as new!
  11. and do you take it to the spa right away or no?
    just amazed that those lightened corners don't then get camouflaged with a bit of "life" and become darker again. i always worry that a white bag would turn grey, etc. so then it only seems fair that dirt, etc. ought to work in our favor with a darker bag.
  12. My gold togo...the color wore off in the corners...but, the spa fixed it!
  13. What a great question! I don't know the answer but am eagerly reading everyone's responses.
  14. so that's 2 of us in the darkening category. gold isn't that light of a color, at least not in togo, i don't think.

    hmmmm, what does it all mean? (lol)