The Color of the Red Maxi

May 30, 2007
United States
I love the red-orange color of the "red" maxi -- actually "rouge," I believe -- but I am not a fan of the maxi b/c of all the issues I've read about here.

Does this particular red come in any other size? (I'm looking for the medium flap.)

Does this particular red come in any other fabric? (I'm looking for caviar.)

Also, has anyone seen this version of the red in person? Is it orange? Is it coral? Is it pink? Is it dark red? The photos all seem different.

Sorry to be obsessing about red bags so much on here lately, but I am really looking to capture that "vintage" Chanel red (not the dark red) and this looks like it might be the closest for now.

Jul 17, 2006
Yes, I saw it in person. I tried on the Maxi Red at Neiman's yesterday. The Red is NOT a True Red, it has a lot of Orange in it. I think calling it "Red" is misleading, it's actually an Orange-Red. I wouldn't say it has a lot of Coral undertones to it. The Orange is very strong in the Red. I didn't see that in a Medium Flap, just the Maxi, no Red Caviar either. Hope that helps!