The color of "Oak" Darwin?

  1. Recently received an oak Bayswater, bought directly from the Mulberry store. The leather has a more butterscotch/orange color than the oak Bayswater in the image on the Mulberry site -- in that picture the oak looks more tan / less orange.

    The images on Net a Porter also look more tan, less orange. Yet there are many pictures of Oak bags on eBay and they all seem to look more the butterscotch color. It is rather confusing. Are the images at the Mulberry site less "orange" than the Oak leather IRL?

    Does the oak change in hue as it ages?
  2. I just looked at the picture of the Oak Bayswater on the Mulberry Website. It looks pretty identical to my Oak Annie and Emmy. I can't help you with the aging issue as I have had both bags for about two months now. Annie is resting in her dustbag right now and Emmy has never seen the light of day. She'll make her debut in the Fall. Hopefully, you love your new Bayswater. And congatulations on getting her!!
  3. There oak colour does vary as does the texture, and it also darkens with age and darkens when waterstop spray is used on it too.
  4. Thanks for responding. And yes, I Love my Bayswaters -- both the oak and the black. To me they're the perfect bags.