the color of a bag

  1. Ok here we go into Fall and Winter. What colors are appropriate to wear in these gloomy days.. I am tired of the black and grey bags.
    Can I use a camel color or a sage color bag in these months? :confused1:
  2. i think you can carry any colour you want...?
  3. i agree with eliza---carry what you want! I'm carrying orange...oh yea baby. :love:
  4. thats what I thought, but I wanted justification. thank you. btw: I love your orange bag.
  5. you're welcome...and thank you for the compliment. :flowers:
  6. your welcome.. what type of bag is it? Do you only wear orange bags?
  7. a kathy van zeeland with chunky heart-shaped charms!
  8. very nice.

    Now your saying that any color is appropriate for fall and winter, execpt for white right?
  9. i see no reason why you couldn't wear a white bag in fall. It will only look summery if you decide to wear it with a sundress or something, see what i mean? if it goes with your falll outfit, TADA! A fall bag :smile:
  10. True, but white is something that I get repremanded for wearing in the Fall. I wore dressy white walking shorts the other day, and boy did I get it.. And here I was thinking anythings goes now....... :confused1:
  11. Now days color and season doesn't matter as much as it used to.
  12. As long as it works with your outfit, go for it!! I never limit myself with silly things like seasons.
  13. just curious: anyone from NY? The reason I ask is because, and I totally agree with all of you but, I really get a lecture when I wear "spring colors" in the bags and stuff,, I wore white shoes (so cute Chinese Laundry pump sling backs) that totally worked my outfit, and I got yelled at. I don't get it, and here I was thinking I looked so cute..
  14. who are you guys friends with that they yell and reprimand you for wearing certain colors? that's so bizarre! :confused1::wtf:

    wear what you want. anything is appropriate if it's worn well, with style, and more importantly, you like the way you look. I have a beautiful cream bag that looks amazing with winter clothes.
  15. Right on Sista