The Color Navy

  1. Hi ladies.. I just bought a zip clutch in the color Navy. Is this the cobalt you are talking about or is this some other color of Navy. It really is gorgeous and I totally impulse bought. Do you think this is a keeper?? thanks maggie
  2. The official color name is Navy (S/S 2007); Cobalt is a better name for it though. BagHound recently got a Venetia in this color. =)

    I think your ZC is a keeper. =)
  3. I personally think the that shade of blue is gorgeous and the gold h/w makes it pop! I vouch for it to be a keeper! :biggrin:
  4. maggie, you need to figure out that camera, you are killing me with all these purchases! LOL.. congrats on you new ZC!
  5. Great you guys..thanks so much. I just love, love love...blues and greens. I really have gotten excited about some of the bags and colors again. It feels great to be back. maggie
  6. oh, i'll have to see this one! i love blue and i love the zip clutch so it already has me excited. haha.
  7. Congratulations! Sounds beautiful! I broke down and ordered that color in the large MP from MJ last week - hopefully I should be receiving it this week (they were expected in this past Thursday or Friday).
  8. i just adore this color - and totally agree with bag.lover that its name should NOT be navy....that blue is way too stunning to be navy.

    it's definitely a keeper...i saw the ZC at nordstsrom, and it was love at first sight :smile:
  9. Gorgeous color! A definite keeper!!
  10.'d have to post pics when you get it!!!! Do you know what is the color of the lining for the large MP? i saw that the venetia had grey suede interior, but my SA at NM told me the lining for the large MP is also blue suede, same color as the leather. :shrugs: i'm dying to find out. The navy MP is on top of my want list! :nuts:
  11. i visited the marc jacobs collection store in manhattan today and that navy zip clutch = my dream wallet. sigh. haha.
  12. Hi Zoinksta!

    I just assumed the suede interior would be the same as the venetia in Navy that I saw at Nordstrom a week ago - dark blue interior would be wonderful! I will definitely reply back with a post and picture when I receive it!
  13. Wow...when I got home and finally dug out my bin of bags..the blue leather is the same as my bright blue blake (minus the silver hardware and teal stitching) I LOVE this color of blue. I missed the venetia of days gone so now I have to save my pennies to by the MP or Venetia too. It's an absolute knock out. maggie
  14. PS I am so happy to be happy again. m
  15. ^

    I love that brand new bag feeling too!