The color made me do it!!!!

  1. Ok....I just won the Lilac Vision II agenda in Box Calf that Flossy Figaro had on-line....I couldn't help myself....

    I think we need to call HA....Hermes Anonymous. :shocked:

    I'm going to bed.....
  2. Congratulations Shopmom!! You are so funny. I just woke up to check this's so addicting!
  3. HEE HEE!! Hermes Anonymus

    YAY~ congrats!
    I bet it very beautiful..
  4. Do you have the link? I'm lazy at the moment but dying to see!!! I'm not sure if I'll be going to Hermes Anon or PF Anon!!! There's no stopping once you start lol!
  5. I LOVE that color. Hermes calls the color Myosotis and is a beautiful periwinkle-blue... congrats - very good choice...specially in Veau Mirroir - had that exact agenda and is a fantastic combination
  6. Oooh! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  7. shopmom...worried about are now officially pure Hermes entertainment on the board!!!

    Stay in bed to avoid shopping!!!
  8. Nooo kb - let her get up and shop some more lol!!!
  9. Congrats!!!! That sounds lovely! :biggrin:
  10. Uh-Oh, we have an addict here!! I can't wait to see pics! This will be so pretty in your Kelly!
  11. Love it Shopmom!!! You are acquiring quite the Hermes collection! You go girl!
  12. NOW all that has to happen is for Pete or Mario to eMail me that they've found my dream Plume somewhere in Switzerland and I have to buy it RIGHT NOW or it'll go to someone else! I'll shoot myself!
  13. Beautiful~
  14. I agree with you, it's a lovely color!! There's no stopping you now, is there?!? Good for you...!!!:lol: