The color Epice??

  1. Okay have any of you gals seen this color IRL preferably in the Bay design. Is it too orangy or more orange/whiskey??

    Educated Thoughts?:idea:
  2. It's orangey, but more spice-colored (hence the name) than lifeguard orange--it has some brown undertones. It doesn't scream out at you. I loved the color IRL.

  3. How would it look with Summer warm colors? I'm picturing this sade to work well all seasons?:shrugs:
  4. I think it would be OK--I would certainly use it. It's definitely more of a fall color, though. I think with a more formal summer outfit it would look great--as I said, it's not bright and fun, so it's not a summery color per se.

  5. Got it! After all it is a Fall bag.

    I have a Red Edith and want a more orangy bag this is why I'm asking. Some pictures (Sacoche) it looks like a cinnamon color on Diabro's wp it's definitey orange?
  6. it's a beautiful color in real life. it's like a coraly orange color.