The color Ecureil?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has anything Chloe in the color Ecureil? I've only seen the color on Ediths, but there's a paddy w/ that color I've been stalking online..
  2. It is VERY VERY close to Whiskey!
  3. I thought it was what they called whiskey in one 2006 season?
  4. OH is that true? Is Ecureil from 2006? I've been wondering what season Ecureil was from..and I've had a bit of a hard time distinguishing its color from pictures online.
  5. I have a whiskey Edith, and the tag says Ecureil -- was told they are one and the same.
  6. Yes, from what I know Ecureil is the same as Whiskey.
  7. I have a small Ecureil Betty I have been told that it is the same color as Whiskey.
  8. I have both an Edith and a paddy in Ecuriel. They don't look exactly the same, the Edith seems darker to me. However, they look very much like other's whiskey bags.
  9. I have the huge dr Paddy from LVR in that color.
  10. Here is my Ecureil (paddy)