The color debate continues..I know you want to help :)

  1. I just received some pics of some GORGEOUS :drool: City bags from AR. Few quick questions:

    ~ How does the color of Argile compare to Sandstone?

    ~ In real life, is Bleu Glacier more of a dusty powder blue?

    ~ Do we think that Aqua is a good versatile summer color? Does it go with black AND brown? I think so, I'm just looking for other opinions.

    ~ What are your other favorite "bright blue" colors?

    I've sadly ruled out Anthra (too teal/green for me, and I really want Plomb:graucho: ), any dark blue/navy color (I wear jeans too often and it would blend in), any reddish color (I realized I have a burgundyish clutch I NEVER use so a big bag would def get no use), any green color (I have more blue in my wardrobe), anything that is definitely "black" or "brown" (such as truffle, cafe, black <lol>), and any color that is too light and will get dirty with my toddlers (white, naturel, greige). Obvi I'm kind of OCD about things:p :rolleyes: but now you can see my process of elimination.

    Thank you girlies! I'm getting so excited about my birthday and finally finding my perfect City!!
  2. To the best of my knowledge.... (meaning room for error :p ):

    Argile should be the same color as Sandstone, that is just what AR is calling it...

    BG seems to be a dusty powder blue, however I only saw it under the funky lights at NM. At first, I thought it was Cornflower, but then I realized that it had to be BG. Definately looked more blue then lavender in my opinion.

    Aqua is gorgeous & fun! I would definately say it goes with black or brown, and goes with most colors too!! :graucho: Not biased at all though....
  3. Thank you! After I posted that I thought, "Doh! I bet Argile and Sandstone are the SAME color.." It's early and I havent had my Starbucks and I'm blonde, what can I say? :p
  4. I wouldn't say that Blue Glacier is a powder blue &#8211; it is more of a dusty blue-grey &#8211; powder blue to me is something like sky blue, which is cute and girly, but BG is not girly at all.

    Aqua would go perfectly with black and brown.