The Color Carmino

  1. Some of you might know that I've been seriously lusting after the Knot Clutch in soft croc Carmino. I've only seen it in pictures. Over the weekend I was finally able to see Carmino in Nappa. I'm very picky about my reds and I admit I wasn't crazy about it (please don't hurt me). Perhaps it was the lighting, but it seemed to have a tomato-ish undertone I don't really like. Does anyone know if Carmino looks different in crocodile? In the pictures Carmino in croc is more cherry-red, the shade I am looking for. I won't be able to visit BV again until next week and this is driving me crazy. :nuts:
  2. Oh no! Carmino is not the cherry red it looks like online??? Was it the nappa umbria or regular nappa, and what style were you looking at? The color looks so beautiful on the BV site, and so far their other colors are pretty accurate. Here's hoping it was just the lighting! And BTW, that croc knot clutch is stunning!
  3. Also, are you sure it was from the new collection? BV has done a lot of reds...
  4. I agree,,, carmino looks way better online than in reality :cursing:
  5. I have seen a veneta in carmino, and I think the colour is very beautiful, although it looks more alluring on the BV website. :smile:
  6. I thought the Carmino bags I saw IRL were quite red, red, with no orange undertones (cos I don't like those either), hence my want for a Carmino Veneta :shame:
  7. I went to to look-up carmine. This is one of the definitions I found.
    Which really doesn't help at all.
  8. Valkyrie, yes, the bags I saw were definitely from the new collection. The SA's confirmed that they were all Carmine.

    Thanks for all your input, everyone! I think the best thing for me to do is to visit the store and see compare the color in crocodile and Nappa.
  9. Croc knot clutch is a gorgeous investment! You will grab for it time and time again. I grab for my mom's numerous times, when in need. Hee hee
  10. I've also tried on the Carmine Veneta in BV boutique and find the color very beautiful. I have to admit the color is not as intense as the one shown on the new Ball bag in the catalog though...
  11. From the online catalogue, I really like the Camino wrinkled leather ones than the regular nappa... its like a raspberry color, very pretty... however, got to see it IRL to tell.

  12. Seriously! I cant agree more! the color looks so yummy online. I went to see for myself and was dissapointed with reality :crybaby:

    I think till today, Bottega didnt use red beautifully that's only my humble opinion :sweatdrop:

  13. Oh great. I have a carmino tote preordered for October delivery. The picture online looked beautiful. It appears not too many loving it in person. I am unsure what to expect now.
  14. samantha I suggest you visit a BV store, and decide for yourself. at the end, everyone has their own personal style. Red is very tricky for a bag, if it wasnt' the right shade.
  15. I am also quite particular about shades of red. Certain shades are too bright, certain shades are not lively enough, and certain shades are just right. What makes it more difficult (from the internet shopping and browsing perspective) is that most digital cameras have an especially difficult time accurately capturing true reds. I'd encourage you to check it out in person and under different lighting conditions before you purchase.

    I'd like to see them match the bag to Ferrari's "Rosso Corsa." A very classic Ferrari color, as seen here:


    Rosso Corsa, closely followed by Rosso Fiorano, would be my pick.