The Collection Of A 14 Year Old, Woohoo!

  1. Hey everyone, i'm finally going to do this haha, i've been collecting LV since 6th grade and ever since then i've been hooked! I also have a few items from Chanel including a tie, 2 pairs of sunglasses and one pair of optical glasses, cambon credit card case, cambon lipstick case i used to hold my cufflinks . Hah, i guess i'm pretty spoiled considering my parents bought me everything, and i'm only 14! :shame:

  2. You really have a GREAT collection, especially for your age! Congrats!!! And, thanks for sharing!!!
  3. thanks!
  4. hey eric AWSOME collection!! your tie is verry handsome and grownup for a 14 year old you must be very stylish! :smile:
    and i like your chanel wallet and groom collection LV wallet! beautiful!
  5. great collection, lucky lucky you. at 14 no way my parents would be designer stuff.
  6. Nice collection - love that Chanel wallet!
  7. you must really take great care of your pieces, or I can't imagine that your parents would buy you so many fabulous items! good for you!
    : )
  8. Wow, you're collection's great! I especially love the sunglasses. The LV stuff is great too. Amazing for someone who's only 14!

    Even now, my parents don't want to buy me designer stuff. I fib a little about the prices, otherwise they might kill me!
  9. Great collection!
  10. Cool collection
  11. Nice one teenagemillionaire.
    I am so loving your collection:heart: :heart:
  12. wow i'm so jealous. can we get married now!?

    LOL j/k.

    GREAT COLLECTION!!! (and i really can't imagine your collection when you turn 40...haha)
  13. WOW!!! Your collection is AMAZING and its wonderful to see a 14 with class who takes such good care of their things!
  14. What a great collection! If at 14 years old you have such a collection
    I wondet how it's going to look like in a few years :smile:
  15. 14 years old! You are vey lucky. Enjoy the collection, is great!