The COIN Purses club :-)

  1. B/c I LOOOOVE the coin purses and the 'discontinued' porte-monnaies ... I wanted to start this thread :yahoo:-join in and show all of your cute coin purses :tender::love:

    Here are mine:

    '04 marigold coin purse


    '04 eggplant porte-monnaie (discont.)


    '04 turquoise porte-monnaie


    '05 turquoise coin purse


    '05 white porte-monnaie

    DSC00177.JPG DSC00081.JPG DSC00080.JPG DSC00088.JPG DSC00175.JPG
  2. '05 bubblegum-pink coin purse


    '05 apple-green coin purse


    comparison between the coin purse (marigold) and the discontinued porte-monnaie (eggplant)


    2004: marigold, turquoise and eggplant


    2005: turquoise, bubblegum-pink, apple-green, white

    DSC00078.JPG DSC00079.JPG DSC00188.JPG DSC00189.JPG DSC00190.JPG
  3. first, my goodness, what can I say about your collection, but ooohhhhh-la-la! :drool::love:

    Here are mine --

    06 Camel and 07 Aquamarine

  4. Mmmmhhhhhhhh :nuts: monsoon, your coin purses are yummy too :drool: ! Thank you for posting your beauties and thank you for the compliments :flowers:
  5. First I never grow tired of looking at your beautiful and colorful's my one and only.

    Vert Gazon

  6. My FB Coin!

  7. YEEAAHHH :yahoo:thank you so much for posting your coin purses cracker and impasto :tup: ! Your beauties looks AMAZING :drool: I love it :heart:
  8. Great pics girls! I love this style. I am kicking myself for selling my BI coin purse.
  9. Wow!:drool:
  10. first, OMG, look at the colorful coin paradise!!!!:wtf::drool::drool::tup:

    Here are mine:heart:

    04 Eggplant Coin Purse


    04 Holiday Pewter Coin Purse

  11. Lovely!!!
  12. The coin purse is so cute! After seeing all your pics I think I might need to get one :yes:. How much does it hold?
  13. It holds enough, erica! I keep some business/membership cards, receipts, lip balm, and chewing gum packs in mine, and they still have enough wiggle room left in them. As you can see from cracker's pic, she puts her camera in hers...

  14. Thank you all for the nice comments :flowers::

    Shasta, lvchicago, Superqueen

    erica1451: I agree with monsoon :yes: they really holds a lot, in one I've my iPod, in another one my small make-ups (mirror, lipstick, pills aso) and in another all papers/cards aso.!

    tooshies: WOW - thank you so much for posting your AMAZING eggplant and holiday pewter from 2004, they both are GORGEOUS :yahoo:
  15. :heart: They are so pretty! I want one too :drool: