The "Coachie" above me!

  1. I really love how we are all getting to know each other here on the Coach subforum! I am thrilled to have great girls and guys that share my same interrests to chat with day to day.
    So what we will do is say something nice or ask a question (not too personal) to the person just above us.
    Yikes!! Who ever gets me nice K?:sweatdrop:
  2. I haven't been here in the Coach forum for a long time, but you seem to be a really nice mod!! :yes:
  3. My question is many bags in your collection...are they all Coach?? question for Kimmie
  4. DamierLover! I love your avatar! Honestely I have never counted. But if you'd like to here is my collection;)
    Ebay Pics 532.jpg
  5. Ranskimmie, you have an amazing collection, you look adorable in your avatar, and you're an awesome mod!!!!
  6. Kimmie: If you could only keep ONE BAG from your entire collection and had to donate the rest to women that have never owned Coach, which one would you keep for yourself???

    Damierlover: What makes you get out of bed every morning?

  7. I'd keep my Large Choco Carly:graucho:
    LA....I have loved you and your posts since the very beginning! You are the sweetest most kind and upbeat girl! A true doll!
  8. Thanks Kimmie for the "task" of counting your bags and accessories:sweatdrop:...I think I'll just admire them...:okay:!!

    candace...I get out of bed because I think sleep is highly over-rated! I jump up and out the minute I wake up! Every day is a gift!:woohoo:
  9. NOT EVEN YOUR NEW CARRYALL???!!?!?! K you can send it to me, I don't care that it's green and not pink :wlae:

    though I love choco carly! GOOD CHOICE!
  10. Ducks and Babies are from DisneyWorld!! We saw them in the Magic Kingdom and I thought what perfection!:smile:
  11. Thanks so much, ranskimmie.:blush:

    DamierLover, what is your favorite Coach bag, and why?

    Candace117, I'm so glad you've joined tPF!!!! You are a very active member with lots of great things to say!
  12. DamierLover how did you find the purse forum?
  13. LAltiero85 you have a very pretty face. You remind me of a spanish soap actress.
  14. Kimmie- How did you first learn about Coach & when did you begin to love it?
    You are such a great mod for keeping us in check!

    Maya- Which did you meet first and how: Tokidoki/LeSportsac or Coach?
    I still love you avatar & your Foresta denaro!

    DamierLover- What's your favorite thing about Coach?
    Sleep is highly overrated!!

    Candace- Is there one thing about about Coach that you'd want to change? If yes, what?
    I think that it is so flipping AMAZING how fast you got on tPF!

    LA- If Coach did some wierd collaboration w/any other thing or brand or person or what ever else you can think of, who would it be and why?
    Would any of your Choco carlys be my Top Handle Pouch's Godpurse?

    Superstar- If you were given the chance to design a bag for Coach, what would it look like?
    You are such a great advice giver!
  15. LA...I agree with Superstar! You are very cute...I love the Carly!!!

    Coachie Angie...I used to the love that the prices were better than LV. Not so much anymore! I was in the Coach at the Copley Plaza in Boston and I swear they bolt them to the floor now. :wtf: Not easy to try on that way...:nogood: I love the easy casual classic look of Coach! So American!

    Superstar...I lost my password to my favorite LV forum so I was googling other LV forums and found tpf and I've never been back to that old site since. I was hooked right from the start...:sweatdrop: