The Coach StripTease!

  1. I just LOVE ordering a bag from my Coach store (which is 3hours away) and having it sent via Coach direct. The presentation is sooo sexy and I love the unveiling! I'm sharing this fun with you via photos, so sit back, have a cocktail and enjoy!

    Duffle1.jpg Duffle2.jpg Duffle3.jpg Duffle4.jpg Duffle5.jpg
  2. Oh you're bad! I LOVE these!!!! I'm all hot and bothered now....:graucho: can't wait to seeeee!!!
  3. AH HA!! I think I see a med. carly! Woohoo! Lets see!:woohoo:
  4. Oh! I think I know that shape, but I won't ruin it for everyone else...eeek!!!!! Can't wait to see!
  5. And she reveals more....:angel::graucho:

    What a little Hottie!!!! :drool:
    Duffle6.jpg Duffle7.jpg Duffle8.jpg Duffle9.jpg Duffle10.jpg
  6. Or a bleecker duffel?:graucho:
  7. :nuts:Kimmie, we were both wrong!!!!!

    Awesome bag!!!!! She is a little hottie!!!! Absolutely GOOORGEOUS!!!! Congrats!!!!:girlsigh:
  8. GORGEOUS bag, congrats!! Love all that Tattersall print too...
  9. HeHe LA! That was fun! She didnt take F-O-R-E-V-E-R-!! Its perfectly beautiful! Just love it!:heart::love::heart:
  10. :blush::devil:She's a baaaaaad gurl!

    hehe Coach just ROCKS with their presentation!!! It's nearly as much fun to open as it is to use the bag! :p
  11. great looking bag! congrats!
  12. Hey we are bleecker duffle twins! cept mine is all brown...but don't you just love that bag? The leather trim is so soft...ahhh.
    I wish they had a chocolate leather duffle...
  13. Woo, I feel a bit excited...

    haha, BEAUTIFUL bag!
  14. Congrats Grace on such a lovely Coach! I have to admit that getting a Coach from Coach demands a ceremony! Hey....Wrap it all back up and open it again! LOLOL
  15. Very nice! (and brief - thank you!)