The Coach Site has been updated!!!!!

  2. OMG..I LOVE the mahogany leather! I like the new signature leather....I'm glad they've redirected their designs...Lately I've questioned some of their ideas but I'll always be a Coach girl! I already have (3) things I want to get.......Can I get any worse???:graucho:
  3. i'm really going to need this:

  4. Man I was hoping the patent leather Gallery Totes were gonna be up there. I guess I have a little more waiting to do.
  5. I too was waiting for the gallery tote...I'm going to call them and ask when it's coming and in what colors.
  6. I called about the gallery tote and the brown from the magazine is back ordered for 3 weeks and more new stuff will drop over the week. More new stuff is due by labor day. The gallery tote is only coming in a blue color, winter white and mahgony ....I want black or a now I don't have to wait because it's not coming. I hope I like more of the fall stuff because right now I'm not crazy about it.
  7. I'm disappointed that the new Hamptons hobo is only 1 1/2 inches wide. Too "skinny" for me in a large handbag. Oh well.
  8. I like the book totes and the carryalls, but I'm going to wait a bit more. The SA in Paramus told me that a new messenger bag was coming out, so I'm holding out for that. I just hope she was right since I have my hopes up now! :P
  9. I really like the carryalls...I also like the look of the stripe signature hobo but it isn't even real it?? What is printed pyton? I guess I'll keep waiting until more bags are put on the website.
  10. I haven't found anything "big" that I really want from the new lines... I am in love with the taffy though. It's so cute!

  11. Love the Large Hampton pebbled leather Carryall. :love: That and some of the hobos remind me of Hermes with a funky twist. I might have to get the carryall because I :heart: Coach pebbled leather! I have an old tote and it is just the best, most durable bag.:flowers:
  12. Finally! Oh I'm so excited, I'm going to check it out right now!
  13. The new embossed bags are :heart: :heart: :heart: too!
  14. I wish they would come out with new doggie collars!!!!!!!
  15. Wow. I think I just added 15 new things to my wishlist LOL Not that I'll ever get them all, but there are some seriously cute things I will be pining over. I would love this wallet --


    I really like the carryalls too. The hobos are a little remniscent of something Gucci would make, but I would still love one even though I dont usually go for any bags with suede on them.

    I really want this!


    I've been dying for something embossed too, but I didnt see anything I really, really fell for. This is cute though (I would like the embossed book tote in this color too) --

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