The Coach Gods were smiling!!! pics inside!

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  1. Hi everyone and Happy Valentines day :heart:

    I'm super late in posting this as it happened two weeks ago but better late than never!

    I was on a shopping "hiatus" last year while I was pregnant and missed many collections both at the full price store and the outlets. The Ali collection was one of them but having seen some of the Ali bags that popped up at the outlets recently I was not upset over missing the collection. That was until I saw one of Johnniegirls reveals from last year! From that point I was drooling and dreaming over this bag but truly had no hope in finding it because it was so long ago and apparently this particular one did not make it to the outlets. After Johnnie was so kind in giving me all the details and price, I searched Ebay but there was only one and it was selling for over $600 which was way above retail!!! Well, I called my outlet and put myself on client tracker, I figured some random one might just turn doesn't hurt to dream.

    By the title of the thread you can guess what happens next...I got a call from my SA letting me know that they had just received a return and she was holding it for me!!! I had never gotten to Miami as fast as I did that day...I practically flew over to the Dolphin Mall. I kept envisioning another customer coming in and buying my bag before I got there. Well no worries because I got there and retrieved my beautiful girl...and beautiful she is...just so lovely with all her details...

    Here she is...


    The Ali Studded Large Hobo #13645 in silver and white. Original price $498 but she was now on clearance for $479.99 so after the 50% and the 20% I got her for $191.99!!! I thought I was going to faint! She was a boutique return, brand spanking new, fully stuffed with dustbag inside and does not even have the bullseye.

    Here are some closeups of her lovely details:



    I love this bag! Some bags are elegant, some are classic, some bags are hot but this one is just plain pretty :love:

    Thanks for looking!
  2. OHHH yes I love that bag too!! BIG congrats to you finding her for such a good deal...that rocks!! Enjoy using her!! :smile:
  3. Congrats on finding that beautiful bag, and at a great price!
    The leather is TDF, soft & buttery.

    I was hoping Coach would put out a black one, but never happened.
  4. SUPER WOW!!!!!! great job!!!!!!
    i love that bag!!!!!!
  5. awesome bag its really pretty!
  6. Wow congrats!! It's really pretty
  7. That bag is TDF!!! Congrats, so glad you finally got her!
  8. wohooooooo
    just look at the details!
    and the braided strap!
    **sigh** i have a thing for braided strap..
    gorgeous! it's absolutely breathtaking!
  9. LOVE it!!! CONGRATS on finding your HG! SOOOO pretty!
  10. She's a brick house! LOOOOOOOVELY bag! Enjoy her!
  11. Wow that bag is totally TDF!! Too bad I fear the WHITE!! LOL
  12. Wow...what a great bag! Enjoy it!!
  13. Wow!!! Gorgeous bag and great story!!! Congras and enjoy using it!
  14. Thanks and I agree, black would be lovely as well! Thankfully I live in Florida so the white works for year round :smile:
  15. Hey Jelita! I hear you on the braided strap! It doesn't matter what bag it is but if the strap is braided I'm drawn to it :yes: