The Coach Gods Answered My Prayers .....

  1. When I fist saw the new Caroline, my heart stopped when i thought she had a kiss lock. I was disappointed that I thought about it and I thought about and decided she was not for me. Then I came upon this lady and ……. Angels started to sing……
    May I introduce to you Miss Madison Embossed Croc Carrie in Rust Red (26336 – LIC0Y)

  2. A couple more...


    With Raspberry Sophia

    Some Color Comparisons
  3. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!
  4. A truly beautiful and timeless bag. Any mod shots?
  5. O. M. G.
  6. OMG SLB - she's GORGEOUS! :drool: You are making it tough to resist this little lady. Congrats & enjoy her!
  7. Now this is one stunning bag, congrats!!!!
  8. OMG, so amazing! Thanks for the comp pics too. What color is the lining? And do you find her heavy to arm carry?
  9. Wowza! This is stunning! Congrats on your new lovely :smile:
  10. Gorgeous. Congrats!
  11. omg! Absolutely love love love! Congrats!
  12. WOW Beautiful!!
  13. I will try to do some next, but letstalkbags has awesome mod shots here:

    My thought exactly! :graucho:

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    The lining is a dark brown. She is NOT a heavy bag. She is perfect! :loveeyes:

    Thank you so much!
  14. Thank you Ladies! I appreciate you stopping by and checking her out!
  15. Beautiful! Congrats!
    Looking forward to seeing this color IRL.