The Coach Genie is here.....

  1. OK, let's just say that there is a coach genie (yeah, I know, jag is smoking something but I am bored so why not!) and genie will give you anything you want but you only get three wishes!

    What would you wish for, especially for this Fall???:nuts:
  2. Oh this is easy!!! And fun!!!

    1) Sterling Silver Snaphead Ring
    2) Leigh in khaki/black Signature
    3) Lily in whiskey
  3. Ohh, that sounds like a great list! Any pics to taunt the genie with:graucho:
  4. oooh my turn :biggrin:

    Signature stripe denim multi function tote(diaper bag for DD)

    Lexington brief(for DH)

    two denim ballet sneaker( one for me and one for superBag--my tpf sistah!)
  5. Why of course!!!! (the snaphead ring is in the new catalog, but no pics online yet :tdown: )

    The first pic is the Leigh and the second is the Lily :drool:
    leigh.jpg lily.jpg
  6. to be thin forever.... oh wait, this is a COACH genie!!! :roflmfao:
    Oh, I guess that is the next best thing!
    I am thinking.... :idea:
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. I am loving Lily:drool:
  9. Ooooh....Coach wishes!!

    Here's mine:

    1. Abbey bag
    2. Abbey bag
    3. Abbey bag

    Lol, just kidding! Obviously, I'm :drool: over the Abbey bag but seriously:

    1. Abbey bag
    2. Some kind of Carly. So far I'm leaning toward signature but if the new Chocolate leather one is gorgeous enough, I might change my mind. I'd :heart: a red leather Carly, or something in blue.
    3. a Legacy wallet, preferably in pond or black if I can find one.

    Sadly I am pretty much on a ban for now so none of my wishes will be reality anytime soon. :crybaby:
  10. Oh, I wish I had a Coach genie!

    1)Chocolate Carly
    2)Lion keyfob
    3)I really want Coach sunglasses or maybe a planner.
  11. I want Lily in Whiskey, Miranda in Bordeaux, and the Hamptons vintage carryall in natural. (maybe it will go with those shoes I'm still on the fence about!)

    Oh but wait, I want the Daphne cross and charm bracelet and boots big enough to fit my calves and...this is tough. *LOL*
    11150_d1.jpg 11085_d1.jpg 11086_d1.jpg
  12. hmmm i wish there is a coach genie *sigh*
    1. soho leather flap bag (small)
    2. leather demi pouch
    3. vintage hamptons wristlet
  13. Yes, Yes, I want the Daphne Charm bracelet too!! Genie, If I'm really good could I be granted 4 wishes?????:p
  14. ummm...
    1) Lily in Whiskey
    2) Lily in Atlantic
    3) Three more Wishes...
  15. Oh gimme gimme gimme.
    Please gimme.