The Coach Beauty Collection

  1. i have heard a few raves on the shimmer powder...
  2. I hope so. I want them to make lipglosses.
  3. I just ordered the Lipstick in rose.
    I went for it since Lipsticks last me forever and I cant imagine rose is a color that should look great on most skin types. I hope they do make a Makeup line, I think there cases are stunning!

  4. ditto!
  5. I think Coach should stick to handbags. They should only specialize in handbags and nothing else. I think if a company is going to be recognize for selling beautiful quality handbags then that should be it. I didn't know they sold lipstick till I walked into a boutique. I thought that was actually rather tacky and with the perfume (though I like the smell of it). It's bad enough they sell shoes also! But that's just my opinion!
  6. I purchased the perfume and I love it as you can tell if you have read some of my other posts :smile:. I have seen their makeup but I think I want them just because I like the cases they come in! I am so bad I swear!
  7. I am a Coach lover, and I really like how they make many accessories shoes, scarves and wallets.
  8. There Will Be Lipglossessssss!!!!!
  9. ooohhhh i can't wait for the lipgloss!!! when is that coming out?? the shimmer powder looks cute, but it's more that i absolutely love the case that it comes in!
  10. I love that case as well. I wouldn't want to mess up the C's on the powder.
    I'll let you know what the lipsticks like when it comes in. I'm all for putting more Coach things in my purse. :tup: Esp. since I got my Black Leather Beauty Case last month.
  11. I just love the packaging on those, how cute! *Crossing Fingers for lipgloss*:cutesy:
  12. I was wondering the same,i want to know if the lipstick colors are alright.Though the power is so cute lol temptation..
  13. Hey sprinkles!

    Did you have a chance to check out the colors? Will these be sheer enough for ladies of color to wear (unlike the lipsticks :crybaby:)?

  14. Yikes, don't get me wrong but I think Coach should stick to handbags and shoes and scarves. But...if the lipgloss is TDF then I will be happily proven wrong!