The Coach angels were smiling on me today!

  1. Its very windy here in NJ today, so I keep having to re-stand up the lighted figurines on my lawn. I drove my son to preschool, and came back home, spent some time on the lawn, and went inside to do some present-hiding. Time to pick up my son - get my coat and gloves - but where is my oblong Legacy scarf? Cant find it anywhere. Went back up in the attic in case I put it in w/the presents, checked all the rooms, looked in the garbage cans - nothing. I had to leave as it was getting late. I'm so upset :crybaby:I must have lost the scarf on one of the errands I ran before I came home. I walked outside and sitting there wrapped around one of my light-up candy canes on my walkway was my scarf!!! If it hadnt wrapped itself around the candy cane it would have been loooong gone since it is sooo windy out. I grabbed it and hugged it soo tight!!! I just started wearing it under my coat - I would have been so disappointed if I lost it already. Thanks Coach angels!
  2. how cute!!! Im glad you found it.:yes:
  3. Ahhh, Im so happy you found it!
  4. aww what a sweet little story. glad it wasn't gone forever.

  5. cute story..
  6. WOW! Glad you found it!