The Clutch Bag... Just an evening bag?

  1. Hello Handbag Aficionados,

    I am suddenly in love with the Clutch bag. :heart: I live in Los Angeles and I don’t see anybody really carrying them. I ordered a large black clutch on line from Cole Haan, for daytime (well all the time use.) I am waiting for its arrival soon! Any hoo… How do you feel about Clutch’s for day time use? Or just in general. Do you think that they are going to make a come back or are they really trendy, and I just have not seen anybody carrying one yet? :girlsigh:
  2. I've never done it before, but I've seen pictures from magazines and I LOVE the looks so chic and modern!
  3. i haven't seen anybody (maybe just a few?) that carries clutch during daytime.

    i think it really depends on the person. if she's confident about carrying it, it doesn't matter if it'll make a come back or not.
  4. I did it a couple of times. It depends on how much you're carrying for the day and what you're wearing IMO.
  5. Right now, I think that big bags are more "in" for day. But sure, clutches can be used for day too. Think back to all those "Sex and the City" episodes where the ladies had big envelope clutches tucked under their arms all the time!
  6. I use clutches during the day. I don't think it's a big deal. :flowers:
  7. I think it's a very chic idea, but hard to practice. I always have to lug documents and stuff around with me, so I'm going to be carrying totes around unfortunately.
  8. I love doing that.
  9. A classic clutch with clean lines is an absolute classic for a chic daytime look.
  10. I have a large Bottega clutch that I use for day; it's actually very casual and I wouldn't use it as an evening bag. Your Cole Haan one is probably meant for day too if it's large.
  11. I think you can use whatever dang purse you want whenever you want! :P
  12. I love clutches too but I hard;y use one durning the day because I have normally have too much stuff. I used a cluch on my rare "light " days.
  13. i agree. :yes:
  14. Absolutely. I don't care what other people do. I carry the purse I like and not the one that everyoneelse owns.:yes:
  15. I second the SATC suggestion. In many episodes Carrie and the others carried a big clutch during the day.

    I LOVE the look personally but only carry them for evening; I need something big for the day!