The 'Club' in SGH? or just RH & CH?

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  1. Hi girls,

    I've searched high and low, but difficult since 'club' brings up thousands of items in the search.. :smile:

    I've looked through the modeling thread and the 'club' club thread, and the 'styles-club' thread..

    Has anyone seen the club with silver giant hardware?? All the pics I've been able to find are RH or Covered Giant...

    Thinking if they did covered giant, there would be silver giant, but I've yet to see a pic of it!!!

    Thanks!! :smile:
  2. I only saw the club in rh when I was in the vegas store, maybe they just didn't have any in yet?
  3. i don't think they make it in giant hardware except covered. if so, i would buy one too.
  4. hhmmm i've also seen club with cgh only...
  5. I think they were only made in GCH. It is one of my favorite Bal bags. I hope they make it in GH too because I would love one in GSH with black leather. They didn't make any for this season but was told maybe, possibly next season but no word yet. Not enough people bought them I guess, so at least I am glad I have mine!
  6. How true. Originally Erica referred to it as the Pony. Too bad that name didn't stick because it would have been much easier to search for. The only one that is worse is the Purse style. Try finding that one on a search. :biggrin:

    No GSH on this one. I love the style as well. For my taste it has the perfect size and functionality.