The Club has been Clubbed!

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  1. I asked Balenciaga if they were going to have the Club for Fall Winter season and this is what I got back from them.

    Dear Kimberly,

    Thank you for your email.

    This style is not available anymore and we are not planning on producing it again for the coming seasons (at least in 2010) however
    we still have several news styles available in store and online each season.

    Thank you for your interest in Balenciaga.

    We wish to welcome you back soon on Balenciaga Online Shop.

    Balenciaga Customer Service

    :shucks::hysteric: I hope what ever they do later is something sort of close to it. Oh well, I do really like mine and am soooo glad I have it at least.
  2. That's bad news. Was thinking of adding a Club to my collection and now this? :shucks:
  3. Can't say that I'm surprised ... the Club and Metro styles were not popular
  4. I'm sooooo thrilled that I splurged and bought mine--it's an amazing style, and it's breaking in beautifully!
  5. It does though at least say: not planning on producing it again for the coming seasons (at least in 2010)
    Maybe it will come back like the box came back this season only updated.
  6. I like your Noix GCH Club, it's the only GCH I actually like (besides my Ballet flats, lol):graucho: But the Club with RH doesn't scream my name at all so I'm not devastated...
  7. Maybe they will improve it like they did the box. I would like it to be less structured and then it would be an amazing bag. When I wrote them, that is what I asked them to do.
  8. One can only wait and see!
  9. So you don't feel like yours is breaking in properly?
  10. I really liked the club and wanted to get it in galet when they were able to order it at NM for me. You're right though, umim, I would like it more if it was less structured...a smaller version of the day, kwim? I hope they do this!
  11. I actually think that the club is perfect as it is.
    I love the Structure of the bag and the fact that
    it does not collapse on itself. That is what drew me
    to the bag. I myself don't want a smaller day.
  12. Guess I'm in the minority -- structure was one of the things I liked most about the bag. Guess I love the idea that my lenses will be better protected than in my floppy City :biggrin:
  13. I like the structure, too! I feel like the club still has a comfortable, slouchy look, but is structured enough to keep me organized (no small feat!). Oh well . . . maybe it will return during another season!
  14. Mine is just right now but I would like the top part by the zipper to be without the sizing behind the leather. If that part was soft it would be really great and just perfect. I wanted it in GGH! :crybaby:
  15. just a quick question...don't they have a club on the pictures of the new spring/summer bbags on in papette?

    is it available for the spring/summer collection?