The Closer

  2. I'm guessing it's a just a non-descript "generic" bag. Her character isn't exactly a style maven. Plus she's a cop. It would make NO sense to put a designer bag on her. Visualize her with an LV or Prada hanging off her shoulder. Doesn't work, does it?:upsidedown:
  3. Does anyone know what kind of purse she uses? It's a great bag.
  4. I Can't Watch This Show Anymore.....For The First Time (After I Read This) Her Accent ~ Is Really Mixed Up. My Husband & I Both Think She Sounds More Like SW & Then She Tries To Sound A Little More SE Mixed In......It's A Mess!
  5. Does anyone watch The Closer? I had never really noticed Kyra Sedgewick before, but this is one of favorite shows now.
  6. ^^ I was wondering about that accent -- we are planning on moving to Atlanta in two years & I don't recall hearing anyone sound like that when we have been down there:lol:
  7. ^^^You won't hear anyone in Atlanta sounding like that! Atlanta is heavily populated by people from all over the country (world?). The natives are few and far between (like in Charlotte, NC these days), but trust me the natives in Atlanta do NOT sound like Brenda. I'm not sure where she or the producers came up with that accent. It doesn't sound like any specific region in the US, and definitely not a Southern accent!:shrugs:
  8. I like and watch this show. I don't know anything about southern accents so the way she talks doesn't bother me at all. I find the stories interesting. Peggy
  9. ok- the episode that everyone is confused about unfolds like this:
    the man was married to woman #1, and they had a child - he claimed that she and their child disappeared. police investigated him but could not prove any wrongdoing. Later, he married woman #2, and they had a child (not sure if child is biologically his or not) - he claimed she left him and went back to Japan. (THESE are the bodies they found by the pier.) Then he hooked up with the girlfriend that had a child already - these are the people that showed up in Brenda's office. the killer persued women who looked like his first wife - he said he thought he was trying to recreate his first marriage over and over. he drowned both of his wives at the places they were married. why? they didn't explain. but the ending was awesome! very well done.

    I would love to have that bag she has on the show - designer or not - it's perfect! every time i'm in a store or online, i've got one eye out for that bag.
  10. I am a "Closer" addict--rapidly going through withdrawal since it is off for the season!-----Desperately trying to find out who makes her handbag--any infor will be appreciated--jolly rancher
  11. I heart The Closer- I still call it the Close-r and not clozer. I actually like Kyra's accent- she looked great at the oscars.
  12. My all time favorite show. Can't get enough. I was hoping she would have won the emmy.
  13. I thought she looked beautiful too!
  14. I'll admit it took me a few episodes last season to get used to the accent, but now it seems like it's part of her "charm." I love the show! I think it's really well done with all of the different plots and twists.