The Closer

  1. Does anyone watch The Closer with Kyra Sdedgewick? I love the show, but get totally lost with all the detective clues.
  2. ooh! I love this show too....I think its great...
  3. I lover her character and her big bag filled with everything!
  4. I love that show. Her bag is like Mary Poppins'--it has whatever she needs.
  5. I know what you mean about her bag being full of all the right stuff! The other thing I really love about her is the way she's always having trouble with her glasses and saying "Thank you, thank you so much" in such a sweet voice.

    Plus, I like her detective, the handsome guy (sorry, I forgot his name) who is now dating the female detective.

    I'm so glad you all enjoy the show's nice to have someone to converse with.
  6. I have this show Tivoed. It's pretty amusing to watch her outmanuver everyone. Also I so understand her anti-sugar campaign (and breaking that!).
  7. I adore Kyra Sedgewick. I fell in love with her when I first saw her in Heart & Souls with Robert Downey, Jr. I love the show too which is werid for me. I watch TV so I don't have to think too much! The Closer demands your attention if you're going to get it!

    Speaking as a life long Southern Gal though, I DO have a problem with her "Southern accent." I love the idea that her character is a Southerner since we all still have the reputation for being inbred dimwits, but come on Kyra! Visit the South when you are on your next film haitus and get that accent right. :yucky:
  8. That's an intersting observation. To my untrained ear I had no idea her accent wasn't accurate. I remember years ago people saying the same thing about Dennis Quaid's New Orleans accent in "The Big Easy." :smile: :smile:
  9. People (not from the South) don't understand how difficult it is to imitate us until they try. I can put on a great Bronx accident, but I'd be spotted in a flash by a real New Yorker. Same is true for Southerners. It's pretty funny really, I don't have a hard core Southern accent and have been mistaken as being from the Northeast, California, Mid-West, you name it, by SOUTHERNERS, but when I travel to these areas, they nail me as a Suth'n Gal the second I open my mouth. :lol:
  10. Prada Psycho, you are so right about the accent!!
    My whole extended family including my Mom and Dad are from the South...Tennessee to be exact.

    I do LOVE her and the show but the accent drives me crazy sometimes...

    I have heard that her and Kevin Bacon have a very NON hollywood marriage. They live on a ranch way outside somewhere.

    They have been married for a long time. They make a DARLING couple!!!
  11. i caaaaaan't watch that show - as Prada Psycho said, her accent is so awful! it makes my ears hurt. she's supposed to be from Atlanta, i gather, and you will rarely hear anyone in Atlanta have any kind of accent (except maybe one from New Jersey!). it's probably the LEAST southern place in the south, almost everyone that lives here (and i'm a life-long Atlantan, born at Northside Hospital!) is a transplant from another area of the country.
  12. My goodness!!!! This discussion about accents has been quite revealing. I had no idea.....I live in Maryland and sometimes people consider us a southern state (although I think it's too cold here in the winter to be anything but mid-eastern verging on north), and I don't think I've ever really noticed any southern accents in this area.

    Anyway, when I watch the show tonight it will be with new "ears"! LOL!!
  13. Did you watch? The DH and I have separate televisions in separate rooms (saves arguments!). I was watching the show and he came into the room and out of the blue says "What's up with that phony accent!!!" I nearly died laughing. And he's from up North, by the by.:lol:
  14. Yes, I did watch and I kept wondering about her accent now that we've had this discussion. LOL!!!! I wish they'd have an authentic southern speaker on the show so I can hear how the words should be spoken.

    By the way, can you tell me why the guy drowned his two wives and daughter? I just didn't understand.

    It's such an entertaining show!
  15. I understood: HE'S FREAKING NUTS!! :wtf:

    Seriously, I'd like to see that episode again because I "think" the reason he did it to wife #1 was because the mistress we saw later in the show with the kid was his first lover and the her kid was HIS kid. Did you notice that the little boy looked to be around 7-9 years old, but the murdered daughter was only 4? Anyway, my thoughts were that wife #1 found out about the kid/mistress, Mr. NutCase wanted the original mistress (which is why his first wife looked like her) so he killed wife #1. What doesn't add up is how did wife #2 come into the picture? Did the mistress disappear with their kid, so Mr. NutCase married his second wife because she (again) looked like the mistress?

    Yep, gotta see that one again!!!:hysteric:

    That was cool the way it ended: just panning into the water, no words spoken, and it ended there. Goosepimples!!