the clock on my computer keeps changing! argh.

  1. every so often, it just randomly goes back 3 hours. it's not even after i turn it on, it's just completely random times...what's going on? it's getting annoying to keep changing it every time. (though i do like the idea of, essentially, having more time. haha)
  2. you have the time zone set correctly? [date time option in your control panel if you are using a PC?] Not sure on a Mac how to do that.
  3. yeah, it's set correctly.
  4. hey, my computer does that too!
  5. That is WEIRD.

    Yep, I am of no help! Sorry!
  6. so, i'm NOT crazy! lol.

    it's weird. since i posted this thread, it's done it again.
  7. I'm thinking it might be a virus or something (?). I had an old computer that used to randomly go back 30 minutes. I've never seen that on any other computer.
  8. i've done a virus scan and nothing. at first i thought that it was maybe because i spend a lot of time on forums where i never changed the time zone?
  9. We had a computer at my last job that the clock got messed up on. The Tech guy said the clock was going out, but it was embedded in the motherboard, and there was no way to fix it w/o replacing the motherboard, so we just lived with it until the time came to get a new computer.
  10. That's friggin annoying and happened to me once. I can't remember what I did to it to make it stop. I probably beat it I tend to do with my gadgets if they turn stupid.
  11. Your computer is possessed :wtf:

    I think this is an excuse to get a new one :p
  12. haha. i need a new comp anyways...hmmm.
  13. Is it always 3 hours...exactly, every time? If not, then it's probably your CMOS battery. You can slide the case side off, look at the motherboard (that square thing with all the microprocessors on it) and see a flat, round battery about the size of a nickel. Just look at the number on it, go to wal-mart and buy the corresponding replacement battery.
    If it's always exactly 3 hours, then perhaps it's something software related. do you notice is happen after you open a certain program or close one out?
  14. yes, it's always exactly 3 hours- never any variation to that.

    no pattern that i've been able to see. i think twice it's been after i got back from class, and left my computer on all day. but every other time, it's been random.
  15. Hmmm...I bet it's still the CMOS battery. Is it too much trouble to change it as a process of elimination?