the CLES

  1. Hi I am normally on the balenciaga forum but today I have drifted over to LV. I have been contemplating getting a cles for a while to hold coins and my ID card and stuff. I was just wondering the retail on the cles and which style I should go for i.e. monogram, cerise etc (if I could locate one) and as I am not a LV expert pics would really help. Also are there any knew styles/ designs of the cles

    thanks in advance

    Hollie x
  2. the cles seeems les practical than it really is. it is actually quite useful.
  3. The cles is very useful.
    Go for a cles that has the classic brown monogram in the back, those hold more, for example, Cerises, Perfo, plain mono, Groom, etc.
    There are different retails on different cles. You may want to search eLuxury for prices.
  4. are the canvases that the cles comes in (including l.e. line)

    monogram canvas
    damier azur
    suhli (sp?)
    panda (just vachetta, no place to put anything)
    cherry blossom
    miror (really no use)

    I think the one that you would get the most use out of would be the perfo (the biggest one)....I think they only have it in green, if they still have it ...the retail is 215 USD??

    The cutest one would probably have to be IMO the panda, or the ceries (the panda is just a piece of leather though)

    If you cant find the perfo, then ither eBay or get the mono cles..... 150 USD
  5. thankyou karman yes I am looking on eluxury at the moment
  6. There are quite a lot of different cles in different types of materials: Suhali leather, Epi leather, Vernis (patent leather), Monogram canvas & Damier canvas..also forgot the Mini Lin.
    In the monogram canvas you can get them in the limited edition: groom, cherry blossom, cerises & perfo.
    There is a brand new Vernis color that just came out called Candy Apple red :smile:
    So there is a lot of variety!
  7. wow thanks couturegirl you sure know your LV they have the perfo in orange and green on eluxury and it is $215
  8. Yeah I really like the Vernis one but they dont have the red colour that I want on eluxury they only have perle or noisette:sad:
  9. haute: you should definately wait it out for the pomme d'amour vernis clés! its such a rich color! i love all the vernis clés. i wish i could've gotten a peppermint!
  10. lol haute I've been thinking about the same thing. maybe I can quell my epi craving with a cles. when is the next price hike? i'm thinking I'mg oing to have to make a special trip to france if the hikes keep coming.
  11. does anyone know if the Damier/Groom cles hold more than a Mini Lin one?
  12. I just gave my Groom Cles to my daughter, but it's the same size as the Damier cles and I imagine about the same size as the mini lin. It holds a surprising amount of stuff.
  13. I love my mono cles ($150), and it's the most useful little accessary. Everyday, I use it to carry my driver's license, 2 cc, 1 ATM card, office cabinet key, a USB drive & iPod shuffle (yep, it fits). When I travel, my hotel room key goes inside too.

    If it's something you'll use everyday, then go for either monogram or damier. If you want more of a decorating piece, then Groom or Cerise (eBay only).
  14. I like the cles.