the clear bag shoe thing!

  1. hey ladies,
    ok so who is ok with the clear heel and bag trend? i have to admit i have seen some things lately and i am fighting the urge. i like classic preppy stuff but i like to throw a little egde in every now and then.

    so the clear bag thing is like iffy for me, like will i look like i am on lunch break from working at a department store? not that is bad i just mean like if i had on clear heels am i going to have that whole stripper thing going?

    i am half kidding but what do you think?
  2. I bought clear-heeled shoes in the 70's and I loved them. I think they still look fabulous when a shoe's heel is the only thing that is clear. Love the look.
  3. I think its an ok look- I dont know if its for me but I'll probably try it when I find a shoe and bag style that I like. Someone posted a clear bag she got at that was a really cute bag. And pretty cheap- which is the way I'll go for a trend I'm not sure about. Hey Gabrielle- in the right situation, the stripper look can be awesome !! hahahaha
  4. I have not seen a pair of clear shoes that I like, and they also remind me of strippers for some reason, but I am not completely oppossed to the idea if I found something nice.
  5. It's clear handbags that don't do a thing for me.
  6. It's cute as a trend but I wouldn't personally spend a lot on a clear bag or shoes. Maybe a smaller clutch which I could then use as a makeup bag when the trend fades.
  7. lol blushing, yes dear you are soo correct!
  8. I think I'd do ok with a clear bag because I usually have all my "junk" in a mini bag of some sort- I got a free wristlet, nothing fancy, at ULTA with purchase around the holidays- I put everything extra in that so my bag just has the wristlet, my wallet, my cellie and keys in there- everything, lipstick, pens, change, etc- goes in the wristlet- so theres not much to see.......
  9. I don't really like either trend but I have seen some MJ sandals with a crystal heel that looks like an old fashioned doorknob so I think it is coming back.
  10. I like the clear heels look, but I'm not too big on the clear bag. You would have to keep your purse super neat to get away with it and that's not me.

  11. I'm with you, no one needs to know what I have inside my bag :roflmfao:
  12. Clear heels = sweat = blisters as far as i'm concerned. Only seing them makes my feet hurt! :push:
    As for clear bags, I just don't find them pretty. I don't see the point. But if it suits you, more power to you! :smile:
  13. Don't like it AT ALL!
  14. i like clear bags :sweatdrop: . but i see quite a handful that are not exactly clear as they come with a pouch kind of thing :p