The Claws Are Out..heather And Denise

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  1. [​IMG]Heather Locklear and Denise Richards have taken their rivalry to a new level.

    The other day, Denise was at home probably watching Starship Troopers when she heard the Bon Jovi song "Livin' On a Prayer" being blasted from outside. She looked out her window and saw Heather with a girlfriend playing the song at full speed from her car.

    As you may know, Richie Sambora is in Bon Jovi and is Heather's ex and Denise's new.

    Will these girls be adults about this already and do a dance-off?
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  2. IN GENERAL, and this of course is all based on media portrayals, which I know is ******** most of the time..
    ..I think Denise took the lowest possible road in this ENTIRE mess (the issue with Charlie, then Richie etc) so anything anyone else does couldn't be any worse.
  3. I don't believe that story.
  4. That would be interesting!!!LOL
  5. I honestly do not see a problem with the whole Denise/Richie situation. Heather dumped him, he begged her to come back, she said no, filed for divorce...that makes him fair game. I am no fan of Denise, but as far as I can tell she did nothing wrong. He was available, Heather wasn't interested, game over.
  6. Good Ol' Hollywood!!!:nuts:
  7. I find it rather humorous that the same people who say things like this, also think it was perfectly fine for Brad Pitt to cheat on and then divorce his wife for another woman- who happened to get PREGNANT before his divorce was even final.

    I don't get it? :rolleyes:
  8. Oh no, i'm refering to the divorce thing and Denise airing their "dirty laundry" in public. THAT, in my mind, is the worst possible thing she could have done - considering they have kids together.

    Go roll your eyes at someone else and get off your alleged moralistic high horse.

    It seems to be your prerorgative to judge what choices celebrities do and their actions.
  9. Re-read your post. I think this is a severe case of pot meets kettle. :lol:
  10. Scandalous..:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Not really. I think you should stop assuming that "Brad cheated" and "Angelina is horrible," and "Brad did this and that." You read too much "US Weekly" + "In Touch." As i've said in the other post, for all you know, the marraige could have been falling apart for ions, or maybe Jennifer did something before. YOU will never know, and neither will I. Am I saying Brad cheated? No. Could he have cheated? Possibly, but that's pure speculation. I'm not here to make moral judgements on a situation that has never been confirmed, unlike some posters.

    Am I making assumptions about Denise and Charlie? Not really - she made alot of strong/bizzare accusations about Charlie that, true or not, should have remained private - for the sake of their kids. No one benefits by making accusations like that public. I could go on and say so and so cheated on so and so, but there is no concrete proof (though alot of 'rumblings' about it) so I won't even touch that. I'm saying that what SHE did (as in filing that 20 page motion) was wrong. They're gonna turn into the next Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger!

    Also, photos of Denise and Richie making out don't really help either. Something Brad and Angelina have ALWAYS avoided.

    Though i'm sure a cat fight is brewing..seeing how they are neighbors..too bad Denise Richards isn't particularly interesting. :roflmfao:
  12. Team Jolie!
  13. I agree, papers were filed by Heather. Now she is upset ?

  14. Maybe it goes through the adage like.."my ex is off limits to any of my friends and I expect more from you"

    you in High School where someone would be mad because "so and so is dating my ex so and so"

    haha I can't believe i'm refrencing HS.

  15. If you'd like to think you got in the last word, that's fine. Whatever blows up your skirt. :lol:

    The bottom line is that we KNOW Angelina was pregnant before his divorce was final. That is a FACT, if you can add and subtract. That also is a pretty good indicator (to me at least) about what was really going on there. But hey, opinions are like @ssholes, everybody's got one. ;)

    Again, it's not about morals (as I've already said before) it's about karma. Glad it's not mine. :smile: I am sure if Denise is in the wrong, she'll have to answer to karma eventually too.