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Sep 17, 2013
Dark Cement/New Steel Cervo Satchel priced at 1759
New Steel Cervo Satchel 1759

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for this heads-up. This bag has been an HG of mine for awhile and the style and size rarely come up on the resale sites, and the color NEVER. I ordered it pdq...cement/new steel. Caught Christopher at a wedding and he turned me over to Manager Leslie. Ordered it, with the bonus of an additional 30% off so about $1200 with NYS tax. I’m over the moon! I spent a good part of yesterday culling my herd by 20 bags to have the group of bags that work for me NOW and then this sought-after beauty (love the leather, bi-coloring, and that small satchel style works so well for me) turned up, thanks to you, this morning. I’m celebrating ... even DH is excited ... :yahoo::happydance::hbeat: