~The classic drawstring Noé Club~

  1. C'mon people!!! I know I am not the only one with the Noé on tPF!!!:graucho:

    Here are my babies:
  2. Here is my one and only, I had almost forgotten about it untill you girls started showing off yours. Now I'm in love all over again :love:
    Picture 040.jpg
  3. I love my Black Epi Petit Noe:heart:
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  4. Ooh....I love the Noe. Its my next favorite style after the pochette. Here are mine:
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  5. here's me with my vintage petit noe.
    i love it! it's one of my first lv.
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  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous! What is the red bag to the left of your noe? I can tell I'll love that one too!
  7. It's my red epi cannes :wlae: , there is a picture of it in the subtle epi club. I love that bag, it was my first epi.
  8. Thanks icechick! It is lovely!
  9. I have a petit noe!! It's in the same condition as Seahorseinstripes'
  10. Here's my brand spanking new Noé with virgin vachetta! :love:
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  11. I have one on the way.. Cant wait for it to arrive and i'll post pic's.

  12. oh me me me!! have yet to show my mini noe!! :jammin:
  13. wow the red and black looks breath taking:nuts: , are they discontinued? and this might be a stupid question lol but whats the difference between noe and petit noe? is it just a little smaller?:shrugs:
  14. The petite Noé is smaller and does not have the vachetta trim at the bottom.

    Petite Noé 9" L x 11" H
    Noé 10" L x 13" H
  15. Thank you so much!!!:love: Yes, red/black combo are now discontinued but you can luck out on eBay (that's where ALL my Noes came from). And you are right, dif. between Noe and Petit Noe IS the size.:yes: