The classic Blue Indigo versus new color Brighten Blue

  1. Dear Hermes lovers,

    Looking for your adice. Which color do you think is more neutral and can go with more colors in the wardrobe - the classic Blue Indigo or very new
    Brighten Blue. Both colors in Togo leather.
    I am familiar with Indigo, but never saw the Brighten Blue.
    Most of the time I dress very casual - live in South Florida, and need a very casual bag to carry along with my little baby boy. I am thinking about the Evelyn GM or PM.
    Any input will be greatly appreciated!:yes:
  2. elena....I would definitely go with the Brighton Blue - but I am a fan of this colour, I must admit, and not much of a fan of Indigo.
    Esp. living in a warmer climate, I reckon the Brighton would be more suitable....there is a sample of Brighton Blue on Clemence in the colour charts on the reference library if you're interested to see it?

    Oh, and for what it's worth, I love the Evelyn II in the PM size!!
  3. Dear Grands Fonds,

    Thanks a lot.
    I checked the colour chart that you posted and it's amazing!
    I can not thank you enough. It must be so helpful for many people, specially when placing the order in a rare color (which I personally prefer).
    It's fantastic job that you did.

    Do you know if the Togo Brighten Blue is similar to Clemence?

  4. I think on Clemence it may be a little less 'bright', but the other girls may be more helpful with this....

    Thanks for the compliment! I'm still working on adding more colours....there are SOO many!
  5. i've checked the catalog with my SA on the brighten blue, looks like it's only available in Clemence and croc FOR NOW. who knows it will be available on more leather skins in the future but for now it's only available on those.

    i want one so bad!
  6. they're really pushing Clemence at the moment.....
  7. why, GF?? clemence is heavy, IMO.:s
  8. Brighton Bleu also comes in chevre for the small accessories. My two cents, indigo.
  9. Dear All,
    Thank you for you inputs. I am still not sure about the right choice though.
    I personally think that the Brighton Blue may be more beautiful as a color, as well as more young and trendy, but the Blue Indigo is more practical, more classic. Also, it seems to me that you can wear Indigo with wider range of the colors, specially involving denim or white. To me, it's like a casual black. The thing is that I never saw the Brighton Blue, so I am not sure.
    I need to return the white Evelyn I got (a gift), so I will go to my local boutique and check on this color.
    Also, I thought that the Evelyn GM is overall bigger than Evelyn PM, but when I got the pictures form H boutique, it turned out that the PM is just wider than GM, but they both look like the same high...

    Does anyone has experience with both sizes?

    Since I already have a couple of Vespas and they don't hold much, I prefer to get a bigger bag because of its practicality, but on another hand I am 5.7'' and pretty slim, so the bigger bag can look funny on me.

    I am very glad that I found this forum. I discovered Hermes as my favorite brand for for the handbags, belts and boots five year ago and it was it for me -no more bag of the season... After the first Hermes bag I got (the Trim 32 in barenia/crinoline) I fell in love with the brand and never looked back.
    I love its classic appeal and ultimate craftsmanship. To me, these are the things that you will never get tired of, they never will go out of style and they are highly practical. It's like the Philip Patek watches. The ultimate and pure classic.
    Again, thanks for all insights.

  10. mine, too...IO don't know why, but there is SO much Clemence at my store, and they were trying to talk me into a Clemence Birkin to SO!!

    They must have plenty of this leather...I know there is a deficit of box, croc, barenia and togo at present...hey seem to be filling the gap with clemence.?
  11. Dear Grands,

    I am very fond of Clemence as a textured/pebbled leather.
    I have a 35 Birkin in Chocolate Togo and it feels really heavy.
    It was actually killing my arm when full with stuff.
    My 30 Clemence (Oliver Verte) feels weightless and it's so much softer.
    I was actually surprised by such a difference in the weight.
    I am wondering if the Birkin 35 in Clemence is so light as well...

  12. Clemence seems to be the lightest and softest/squishiest of the leathers (IMO)
  13. wow - your clemence is olive green? lovely! that's an interesting observation, e, I have heard many people say clemence and togo weigh about the same? I just ordered a togo 35 choc birkin....hope it's not too heave, though heavy doesn't really bother me terribly!
  14. wow...ok, I must have read incorrectly.....I knew it was squishy (love how soft it is!), but I didn't think it was light.......good to know...

    so avan, pick up anything clemence today??:graucho:
  15. Nope... I prefer the "firmer" leather.:P