The Classic Bag w/ the Right Price

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  1. So I am a senior in high school and my parents agreed to get me an early graduation present. I want a classic bag that can last me for quite sometime and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions. A bag that is decent for a young adult and not exceeding over $2,000. Please post pictures and prices, that would be helpful. Thanks guys =)!

    (considering a chanel but one that is not to expensive)
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  3. How nice of your parents! I would suggest a Chloe Paddington... I always think they are a great investment, because they have very decent resale value on eBay if you should get tired of it. But in terms of classic bags, have you considered the Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Aline? It retails for 478, but there are some deals right now which bring the price down to the mid to upper 300 range.
  4. Wow- fun! Chanel classic flaps will always be...well...classic. :smile:
  5. I agree! If you want a bag that will last a long time and won't go out of style, you can't go wrong with Chanel (or Louis Vuitton).