The clash of the classics?! or cuteness?

  1. So as some of u know i got the mini speedy....its so damn cute and i was thinking its the perfect size for me to use for in to put my keys, cash and phone in and stash away in my backpack

    So here is my question...
    Would it look a bit over kill if i have black chanel accessories (phone holder and credit card holder) in my monogram mini speedy :confused1:


    I kind of like how the black and brown look together!! :nuts:

    but what do u guys think?
    is it cute? :tup:
    is it corny?:tdown:
    lvmini.jpg chanel.jpg
  2. It's definitely okay. I mean, why wouldnt it be? Are you worried on using different brands at the same time? (i.e Chanel and LV)? Dont worry. Use what you like.

    I'm currently using my Bosphore PM (LV) and Gucci wallet as well as D&G keychain hanging from my LV bag.
  3. i could care less about brands...lifes too short to be decked head to toe in one brand hehe annnd that gets kinda boring

    but the colors look fine right? i ussally dont wear much black with brown butttttt somehow i think it works!!

    and louisvobession i would LOVE to see ur keychain hehe sounds cute...have it posted anywhere?
  4. LOL -- I'm wearing a black and brown outfit today. I LOVE black and brown together -- I think it's a classic look. In fact, I've seen a lot of black and brown mixed together in accessories and in outfits recently.
  5. ill take pics later :smile:

    the black + brown look real cute together. i love the charm on ur speedy!
  6. No i think that would be ok :smile: Enjoy its a cute bag and perfect for just holding cell/keys and cash.

  7. ohhh NO FAIR, thats the one i wanted...well in white but apparantly they are sold out! BOOO!! haha that's why i got the key chain (thanks btw!) to make it colorful!! hehe

    soooo black chanel cases are a ok? :okay:

    I dont want any (WHAT WAS SHE THINKING) stares hehe
  8. its ok. all of it is ok. dont worry hehe.
  9. it should be fine like that since they are all consider 'accessory', also you can only see the chanel phone holder when you take it out, it's not like you have em side by side, kwim?
  10. I think it would be fine, go for it!:yes:
  11. haha thanks guys...

    btw i sound like an obsessive freak huh !! which could be a good thing or a bad thing on TPF!! hahaha :smile:
  12. I think it looks fine- definitely not something to worry about :nogood:
  13. look fine ! nothing worry ! i love black mix with brown too..
  14. looks perfectly fine together :smile:.
  15. Cute