The Clarise Louis Vuitton Show...

  1. My cat LOVES Louis Vuitton!!! That's her in my avatar on my train case aka her stage!! When she gets up on it I tell my daughter, "Look the Clarise Louis Vuitton show is on" and my daughter usually rolls her eyes :rolleyes: and says, "She has the same stupid show everyday". She will lay on anything Louis(I kid you not). She even laid on my keys a couple of times.

  2. That's adorable. Your cat is absolutely gorgeous!
  3. Cats have great taste...can't blame them! ;)
  4. ^^^ yes they do! My kitty picked me! (He was a stray who adopted me.)

  6. Clarise and her best friend Stewie(she carries him everywhere) says thanks!

  7. Lol that's so cute :p
  8. what a cute cat.
  9. :yes:Yes, I am truly blessed. He came to my door and never left. I am so totally in love with him. We even have our own song: "you are the sunshine of my life" by Stevie Wonder

    part of the lyrics go, "you must have known that I was lonely because you came to my rescue"

    I was struggling in grad school and feeling alone. Then he came into my life and made me realize there was more to life than grad school. He loves me whether I do well on an exam or am making progress in my dissertation or not.

    You kitty is so cute! Cats are the best!
  10. Clarise is very beautiful & definitely has good taste!!!