the city ~ day and night?


I carry my city...

  1. day and night baby!

  2. during the daytime only.

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  1. i had a first once and thought it was too small for me, so i sold it. after much thought, i do need one. :nuts: i'm waiting for violet or rouge for f/w 07. meanwhile, i've been carrying my city for casual evenings, such as informal dinners, going to the movies, and such. for clubbing/bars/lounge, i just use a small wristlet for ID, money, and lipgloss. a lot of PFers have mentioned that the city is more of daytime bag, but do any of you carry your city day and night? TIA! :heart:
  2. I have just because I haven't found the right First yet. If not my city I will carry my black coin purse or Natural Shoulder. I'm hoping to get a '07 Rouge First, too! I really hope it's close to Rouge Theater!
  3. odd, i would do a clutch or First for the evening out.:heart: ;)
  4. thanks MRG & nanaz! if violet doesn't isn't available in the first, rouge would be my next choice. i hope rouge f/w 07 is a rich berry red too.
  5. I guess it depends on where you go. I would wear my twiggy out at night, but probably not my city.

    A clutch would be SO cute at night!
  6. thanks grande latte! i've carried my bordeaux city for informal evening outings like casual dinners or the movies. i usually carry a clutch for more formal occasions.

    i'm expecting a city in anthracite soon, but i'd like to carry it at you think i should get a twiggy instead? everyone's anthracites have been amazing, but i'm a bit unsure about which style i should choose.

    i have 2 city (bordeaux & lilac), 2 day (magenta & rouge), 1 purse (ink), and 1 twiggy (greige).
  7. day and night for me....
  8. My nights out aren't too fancy - usually I'm seeing a band - so the City works fine. (Although some bands require vinyl bags for maximum resistance to spilled beer.) When I really dress up for something I tend to veer away from my b-bags and go a little more structured.
  9. I think it really depends on the night. For drinks after work or dinner with friends I think a City would be fine. For cocktails and clubbing I definitely prefer my First just because it's smaller.:yes:

    I also really want to get a make-up/clutch in Eggplant or FW'07 violet and think that would make a great little evening bag:love:
  10. thank you blu, wiggligirl, & marieg! :heart: i'm definitely going w/ the city or twiggy in anthracite...i just want to make the right decision as i am buying sight unseen. i know for sure i want the first in a color that pops like violet or rouge f/w 07.
  11. i carry my city anytime when i'm out...whether to work, party, out with frnds, movies, shoppin,'s so versatile...hahahaha
  12. hi celia! i agree, the city is versatile. :yes:
  13. City for Daytime only. I carry my First on night out
  14. i voted day and night baby! !:yes:
  15. thanks ferirepink!

    i love my cities, but i can't wait to get a first! :nuts: